Tribes is more than just a great place to work

Tycoon Interview with CEO Eduard Schaepman

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Eduard Schaepman, a Dutch real estate entrepreneur and the founder of Tribes Inspiring Workplaces. started his career as a marketing manager at Mees & Hope and Robeco. Between 1997 and 2013, he held various management and board positions at large multinationals such as Fortis Group and euroShell. In 2013, he became the CEO of the Chalet Group, which under his leadership grew into one of the largest private real estate investors in the Netherlands.

n 2015 he launched his own innovative office concept: Tribes Inspiring Workplaces. Tribes now offer flexible and inspiring workplaces, offices, meeting rooms, and business addresses at locations in the Netherlands, Brussels, and Germany. Within a short period of time, this concept will be global, offering a large network of inspiring meeting places.

Tribes is more than just a great place to work. It’s a modern fireplace, where you can meet like-minded professionals who come from all places over the world. You can also boost your creativity, by all the stories, hidden treasures and amazing design in the locations. All the Tribes locations have a different design, based on one of the nomadic tribes from all over the world. So everywhere you go, you’ll find different colors, materials, and most of all, stories from which they – the business nomads who just need a laptop, WiFi, and mobile phone to work – all can learn. For example, the Kazakh (in the location in Rotterdam), have invented ‘drones’ ages ago. With their Golden Eagles, they could scan the entire area for intruders and prey. They knew the importance of an ‘eagle-eye’ view to do their business – hunting, which you need as an entrepreneur just as much.

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