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The X-Tribe consists of individuals who want to innovate, who are looking for boundaries and who go against the established order, but all in a positive way. With their actions they want to change and improve the world. The X-Tribe has existed for at least 100 years and consists of members of all ages, because no one is too old or too young to be part of this tribe. From Albert Einstein to Muhammed Ali and Amy Winehouse, they are all linked by their courage and their persistence.


The X-Tribe has been around for at least a century, but nobody has ever named or described them before. They’re a bit disruptive, and therefore we’re able to ‘change’ the world. They are individuals, who go against the established order, and thereby push the human race forward. They have contemporary personalities and might seem ‘a little crazy’ or even ‘rebellious’, but they actually are geniuses. Richard Branson built a whole new brand around himself, Amy Winehouse showed us that white people can have a very good Soul and Blues voice too and Muhammed Ali was The Greatest. Period.



We call members of the X-Tribe ‘Tribers’, and they exist everywhere. It’s your next-door neighbor who quit her job to become a full-time father, but also Walt Disney or J.K. Rowling who both created something magical in our world. Tribes won’t sit and wait until something happens, they take action and they won’t take ‘no’ for an answer. They’ll start right here, right now, to achieve their goals. Not ‘change your future’, but ‘change your tomorrow’.



It’s not always the case, but most of the Tribers have their own fashion style. They break with old habits and dare to be different (and often more outgoing). They dress with care, look clean and neat and they want to feel good in their clothes. It’s their signature. The late Prince Claus of Orange felt better without his tie and although it was absolutely not in line with the established order, he dropped his tie in front of the public. Or take the late Apple co-founder Steve Jobs, who always wore a black sweater, dark jeans and sneakers, even to galas.

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X-Tribe & business nomads

Many business nomads are part of the X-Tribe. They travel around the world, chasing the business, just like members of the X-Tribe. They don’t wait until their chances are gone; they take faith in their own hands. And they surely don’t care about what others might think of them: if they want to wear something completely different than everybody else, they will.

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Thé international hot spot for Business Nomads in the Netherlands, with a very special tribe: the X-Tribe. Existing from all those who dared to go against the established order, are the ones who changed the world. 

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