Nomads All Over the World Presents 'Rite of Passage: The Hamar'

Exciting New Film Release

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Get ready for an immersive cultural journey as Nomads All Over the World proudly presents its latest film, 'Rite of Passage: The Hamar.' This short film follows Tribes CEO Eduard Schaepman as he ventures deep into Ethiopia's Omo Valley to explore the unique traditions of the Hamar tribe.

At the heart of this captivating film is the extraordinary Bull Jumping ceremony, also known as Ukuli Bula - a ritual exclusive to the Hamar people that is rarely seen by the outside world. This age-old rite of passage symbolizes a young boy's transition into manhood, involving a daring leap over a line-up of cows and bulls. Experience the electric atmosphere, the rhythmic dancing, and the suspense as the boy strives to complete his mission. Will he be officially declared an adult, ready to marry, own cattle, and start a family?

Join Eduard as he delves into other key cultural practices, including the Hamar Night Dance, Evangadi - a celebration of life, community, and unity, accompanied by rhythmic singing and joyful dancing. Learn about the Whipping Ceremony that precedes the Bull Jumping, where the Hamar women showcase their strength, resilience, and commitment to their families. Blessings and traditional ocre face painting further enrich the cultural tapestry of this incredible tribal experience.

"Rite of Passage: The Hamar" is a cultural gem not to be missed! Watch it now here:

Subscribe to Nomads All Over the World YouTube channel and join us on this extraordinary adventure into the heart of the Hamar tribe's traditions. Let's celebrate the richness of cultural diversity together!

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