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Inspiring Workplaces

We go where the business is

We are inspired by nomadic tribes around the world. The people who go where their business is and stay there as long as they need to before they move on again. Likewise, we provide the modern business nomads with workplaces wherever and whenever they need them.

State-of-the-art workplaces

Unique interior, designed to enhance creativity, open-mindedness and productivity.

Expanding Network

We're building a worldwide network so we can serve your office needs in every country.


Choose your own location, the number of workstations, the term. It's up to you.

Tribes Service Team

Our dedicated and motivated support team is ready to meet all your business needs.

Award winning offices

Tribes offices and services have been awarded more than once as 'Best Workplace'!

Tribes Community

Find your like-minded peers and meet professionals from other industries.

Professional reception

Hospitality is in our blood and we like to welcome your guests with a smile and a good cup of coffee. So feel free to finish your mail, your guest is well taken care of.


You can get inspiration from anywhere: from interiors based on one of the 35 indigenous tribes of the world, or a good brainstorming session.

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