Brewed with Purpose: Jones Brothers Coffee

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At Tribes Inspiring Workplaces, we believe in more than just shared workspaces; we believe in shared values. That's why we are proud to introduce our partners at Jones Brothers Coffee, an Amsterdam-based, independent coffee company providing Tribes members with their daily fix of caffeine goodness. Founded in 2013 by Richard Jones, a seasoned professional in the specialty coffee industry, Jones Brothers Coffee isn't just about great tasting coffee; it's a force for good, ensuring that every cup of coffee doesn't just fuel your day, but fuels positive change.

Supporting Farmers

For Jones Brothers Coffee, sustainability begins at the source – the farmers. Richard, a vocal advocate for fair compensation, notes that “over 70% of the world’s coffee farmers live below the subsistence level.” This alarming statistic motivates Jones Brothers Coffee in their mission to pay not just the right amount for the raw (green) coffee, but a significant premium for the quality of coffee. This approach not only supports farmers economically but empowers them to enhance the quality of their coffee and improve working conditions, positively impacting the lives of their families and communities. The premiums also contribute to vital agricultural projects, fostering soil health, promoting reforestation, and addressing climate issues related to deforestation.

Short and Transparent Supply Chain

In the world of coffee, transparency is key. Richard highlights, "the less middlemen, the greater the transparency about what price is being paid for the coffee at the farm gate." Jones Brothers Coffee ensures this by employing a short and transparent supply chain, opting more and more for Direct Trade and partnerships with growers, exporters and boutique green bean importers for many of their specialty coffees. This approach fosters real relationships between producers and buyers, ensuring better traceability, higher prices for farmers, and higher quality standards.

Packaging Innovation

In response to the global call for recyclability and reusability, Jones Brothers Coffee has taken significant strides in sourcing and using more sustainable packaging. Their new coffee bags are made from fully recyclable plastic; their takeaway cups are made from plant-based compostable materials; and they lead the way in eco-friendly home-compostable coffee pods for Nespresso machines at home, using only Organic Certified coffee inside - exciting news for eco-conscious coffee capsule-machine lovers!

Global Origins, Local Impact

Jones Brothers Coffee sources their beans come from many diverse regions, including Ethiopia, Rwanda, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Colombia, Brazil, Peru, Indonesia, and even the lesser-known coffee haven, Thailand. Richard shares his travel experiences to some of these origins, stating "only when you see coffee at the ground level, do you get a sort of wonderful understanding of all the good things that coffee achieves and also some of the issues that are associated with coffee," From the lush landscapes of Central America to the high mountains of his personal favourite origin of Ethiopia, the native home of the Arabica coffee tree, each batch of specialty coffee beans is carefully chosen before making their way to being hand-roasted in Amsterdam.

One remarkable, lasting connection made by Jones Brothers Coffee on their travels is with an all-women's coffee cooperative in Rwanda 4 years ago. Widows from both sides of the genocidal war from 30 years ago came together to form a cooperative, the Hingakawa, growing and selling coffee from their own land. The coffee not only provides economic support but also becomes a catalyst for healing and community building, not to mention steps towards gender equality. They even named their coffee for Richard as “Burimba Hill”, the area from which they pick the fruits of their coffee trees.

A Sustainable Movement

Tribes is proud to partner with Jones Brothers Coffee, who stand as a shining example of how a small business can innovate and lead the way in improving sustainable coffee practices. As Tribes members savour their daily cup of Jones Brothers Coffee, they aren't just enjoying a beverage; they are part of a movement for a more sustainable and ethical future that goes beyond the cup.

Taste Jones Brothers Coffee for Yourself!

Pop by Jones Brothers Coffee Espresso Bar and Office in the heart of De Pijp Amsterdam, or visit their website for all things coffee - beans, capsules, accessories, you name it!

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