Member in the Spotlight: Sjoerd van Rijswijck of Dealfront

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We’re excited to introduce another amazing Tribes member!

Meet Dealfront, an innovative new AI-powered platform helping B2B companies clinch deals in Europe. Following their recent launch, Account Executive Sjoerd van Rijswick shares his insights on what sets Dealfront apart, how companies can leverage their platform to achieve success, and what exciting things are in store for their future. Join us and as we learn more about this innovative company and discover what makes them a game-changer in the industry!

Hi Sjoerd! Could you tell us about yourself and your business?

Dealfront recently launched on April 3 after the merger of Leadfeeder and Echobot. Dealfront is an EU-native and AI-powered go-to-market (GTM) platform to win leads and close deals in Europe. It combines the products of Echobot and Leadfeeder in one platform.

I started working for Leadfeeder in August 2021 after my manager started the Dutch office in Tribes, Utrecht. Before I joined the company, I was a customer myself. Leadfeeder was an IP-tracking tool to identify anonymous website traffic known for it’s international data, excellent customer support and two-way CRM-integrations.

Congratulations on the news that Leadfeeder and Echobot are merged into Dealfront! Can you tell us about Echobot?

Thank you! Echobot was a leading sales intelligence platform and market leader in the DACH region. Echobot was unique since they have Deep Data and Sales Trigger Events via their crawlers based on AI. By only using publicly available data sources, all data is truly GDPR-compliant and allows you to filter on e.g. specific keywords on websites, job offers and expansion plans to actually get a list of your true ICP.

What makes Dealfront unique, why do clients choose you?

Combining Echobot’s data with Leadfeeder’s IP-database and intent-data makes a unique combination to help B2B-companies win deals in Europe. Dealfront’s algorithm powers the largest, most accurate company and contact database in Europe and the AI is trained on European data and languages.

We now offer a wide range of tools for all the stages of marketing and sales processes in one platform.

How can companies use the data they get from your platform?

Having merged Leadfeeder and Echobot, Dealfront offers multiple solutions that will help grow your business and improve your EU go to market strategy.

Whether you need help improving the sales process, analyzing your website and CRM data, and improving your lead generation activities.

For example, you can build a target account list in Target, run programmatic ABM-campaigns on them via Promote, get notified when they show intent via Web Visitors and get more details about the company + set-up trigger events in Connect.

We’re happy to have you as a member at our Utrecht location! What inspired you to join Tribes, and what aspects do you find beneficial for you and your business?

Since we are a remote-first company and not all the Dutch-colleagues live in Utrecht, we wanted a location close to the central station. Besides that, Tribes is super flexible with our requests and always helping.

What does the future hold for your business?

We have huge plans. The merger was completed thanks to a €180 million investment from Great Hill Partners, besides an additional €50 million to fund future acquisitions. We want to become the leading Go-to-Market Platform in Europe.

Thank you so much, Sjoerd!

If you would like to learn more about Dealfront and their services, you can visit their website

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