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Embracing Sustainability: Tribes Introduces Green Friday

Enjoy a FREE day of Coworking this Black Friday at any Tribes location!

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Black Friday is a worldwide shopping event known for its incredible deals, long lineups, and frenzied shopping. Although a yearly highlight for retailers and consumers looking for deals, it is important to recognise that there are many negative social and environmental effects that come with it.

Why Black Friday Falls Short in Sustainability

Waste & Overconsumption: Black Friday promotes wasteful and indulgent shopping, leading to the unnecessary accumulation of goods and increased waste shoppers to buy unnecessary things.

Transportation-Related Emissions: The chaotic shopping spree on Black Friday results in millions of people driving to malls, escalating traffic, and contributing to rising transportation-related emissions, increasing carbon footprints and exacerbating climate change.

Environmental Strain: The mass production of goods for Black Friday sales puts a tremendous strain on the environment, leading to deforestation, water pollution, and habitat devastation.

Abusive Labour Practices: In pursuit of low-cost goods, certain industries resort to exploitative labour practices, subjecting workers to difficult conditions and meagre pay to meet Black Friday expectations.

Embracing a Sustainable Alternative

Recognising the negative impacts of Black Friday, Tribes is embracing a more sustainable and mindful alternative - Green Friday. This Green Friday, we invite you to step away from discounts and deals and join us for a FREE day of coworking at any Tribes location on Friday, November 24th.

The Rise of Green Friday

As awareness of the negative impacts of Black Friday has grown, a more sustainable and mindful alternative has emerged: Green Friday.

This concept encourages consumers to make eco-conscious choices while shopping, aiming to minimize the adverse effects of Black Friday. On Green Friday, consumers are encouraged to support brands that prioritize sustainability, use ethical production practices, and contribute positively to their communities. This shift helps create demand for eco-friendly products and responsible business practices.

Long-term sustainability remains elusive when Black Friday is marred by extreme wastefulness, excessive materialism, and a disregard for the environment. Green Friday, on the other hand, offers a viable alternative, emphasizing social responsibility, ethical shopping, and environmentally friendly decisions.

Join Tribes Inspiring Workplaces on Green Friday, and let's collectively inspire a shift towards a brighter, more sustainable future.

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