How to Determine if a Coworking Space is Right for You

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Choosing the right coworking space can greatly impact your productivity, networking opportunities, and overall work experience. Here are some tips to help you navigate the decision-making process.

Define your priorities and goals

Establishing your priorities and goals up front is crucial; think about whether you're looking for an oasis of calm for introspective work, a vibrant environment for collaborative projects, or a combination of both. Clearly defining your preferences will guide your selection process.

Evaluate location and convenience

The location of a coworking space matters significantly. Assess how easily it can be reached from important locations and how much convenience it offers in terms of commuting and accessibility.

Cost-effective membership analysis

Compare the prices of various memberships with the benefits they offer, as it is critical to align costs with your financial limitations.

Available services and facilities

Find out what services and facilities are available, such as strong internet connectivity, ergonomic seats, fully-stocked meeting spaces, and energising food options to enhance your productivity and comfort.

Community and networking

Investigate the health of the community and networking opportunities created by the space, determine whether it corresponds with your career goals and facilitates connections. A

Testing compatibility

A trial period is an essential tool for determining if the atmosphere is compatible with your work style. Atmosphere merits personal evaluation during an in-person visit, as you notice its resonance with your desired work setting.

Insights from reviews and testimonials

Examining internet reviews and testimonials might give you an understanding of how other people have experienced this coworking environment.

Private office consideration

If confidential conversations are a crucial component of your work, it is extremely important to take into consideration the possibility of renting a private office with a flexible contract, like the one offered by Tribes.

Coworking space team

Engage with the management and employees; their responsiveness, respect, and alignment with your needs may serve as an indicator for how you feel about the area.

Scalability and future growth

Consider the space's capacity for expansion and decide if it can meet your expanding needs in parallel with your career development.

Trust your intuition!

In the end, intuition is important in addition to these factors; the resonance you experience with a space might be a sign of how well it fits with your philosophy and goals. Think carefully before making a decision to ensure you can use the coworking space as an inspiration for your productivity, creativity, and general well-being.

Check out the inspirational coworking spaces and options available at Tribes across Netherlands, Belgium and Germany here!

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