With a coworking space you will have an inspiring workplace wherever you go!

Day pass

Work remotely for a day at any location

€15 ex VAT

  • With the Tribes Day Pass you can get access to one of our inspiring locations for day (during business hours). You'll have a workplace in the coworking area, for only €15 (excl. VAT).
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Business Card

10 times access to our locations

€99 ex VAT

  • With the Business Card you’ll have 10 days to our co-working areas, lounges, cafes and restaurant areas. Every workplace is fully ready to use and comes with free high-speed internet. You’ll choose a new spot every time you come in, enhancing your product
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Community Card

Unlimited access during business hours

€149* per month

  • *Our community card comes with flexible contract terms and corresponding pricing.
  • €149 for a 3 month recurring contract.
  • €179 for a 2 month recurring contract.
  • €199 for a 1 month recurring contract.
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We go where the business is

As an entrepreneur, you want to work somewhere where you can focus on the growth of your business, in a professional environment, and where you have the opportunity to make new contacts. But you don't always need your own office, and you don't always have to be there.
With our coworking options, we give you the flexibility to have access to an inspiring workplace when you need it. We have different types of workplaces in our coworking areas. In addition to desks, you'll also find the Tribes Table, lounge and bar, which can give you just that little bit of extra inspiration to complete your work. Or to come up with a new idea when meeting other business nomads.

Coworking at Tribes

Whether you have a Business Card or a Community Card, when you're coworking at Tribes you will have access to all our services and facilities. And most important of all, you'll automatically become part of the 35th Tribe, the Tribes community of like-minded professionals. You have full flexibility to move around wherever you want. We'll make sure everything's taken care of, so you can concentrate on the important things.

Inspiring Workplaces

Tribes is not just a workplace. Inspired by 34 indigenous tribes, every location is unique and inspiring.

A convenient base

Not only your office, but also all other workspaces and common areas are at your disposal.


Whether you want to work with 2 people, a team of 20 or an entire company: we'll think along with you.

Work for a cause

By working with Tribes Inspiring Workplaces you supporting Survival International who continue to protect the world's most vulnerable indigenous communities.

Interested in securing your own space?