Nomads All Over the World Presents ‘Welcome to Mursiland’

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Prepare for another exciting journey with Nomads All Over the World, as we unveil our latest film, 'Welcome to Mursiland.' In this latest instalment, Tribes CEO Eduard Schaepman continues his adventure into the heart of Ethiopia to meet the extraordinary Mursi tribe.

Experience heartwarming connections as Mursi children teach Eduard their native language, embracing him as an honorary Mursi man complete with tribal face paint. Explore the fascinating tradition of the iconic Mursi lip plates - large, ornate discs crafted from clay or wood and worn by women in their lower lips. Symbolising beauty and cultural identity, these lip plates are intertwined with women's fertility and eligibility for marriage, but has modern tourism impacted this tradition?

The Muris's fierce courage and and brave spirit is beautifully captured in their unique stick-fighting ritual, 'Saginé.' Witness this mesmerising display of skill and tradition, where intricate movements define the essence of this ancient martial art. Dressed in fabric armour, Mursi warriors wield long, slender wooden sticks to duel with their opponents. This ancient ritual has been practised for centuries to settle disputes, showcase strength, and earn honour for their families and villages.

The Maki River provides a picturesque backdrop to the lives of the Mursi, representing the symbiotic relationship between these incredible people and their environment.

'Welcome to Mursiland' is a celebration of cultural exchange and universal connections. Join Eduard Schaepman on this captivating journey where tradition meets modernity, and the beauty of the Mursi tribe unfolds. Watch 'Welcome to Mursiland' now!

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