YouTube Channel 'Nomads All Over the World' Grows Exponentially

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The YouTube channel ‘Nomads all over the World’ by flex-coworking space provider Tribes Inspiring Workplaces has experienced explosive growth in recent times. The channel - in which founder and CEO Eduard Schaepman has been visiting tribes around the world since 2022 - saw a 430% increase in views in May compared to the previous month. The number of subscribers, currently around 3,000, has also increased by more than 38 percent. Schaepman has already visited seven tribes and has headed to Ethiopia at the end of June to visit the Hamer and Mursi tribes.

With Nomads all over the World, Schaepman embodies what drives him as a person and an entrepreneur: an insatiable curiosity about other cultures and the traditions and customs of tribes and communities from around the world. During his visits, he fully immerses himself in the respective tribe and embraces their specific lifestyle and traditions. Since 2022, he has been documenting these journeys on the YouTube channel 'Nomads All Over The World'.

Personal quest

"Just before my father passed away, he asked me to research our family tree. In my personal quest to discover the history of the Schaepman family, I found out that around 900 AD, we were sheep herders who moved with their herd nine to ten times a year. I also came across Schaepman men all over the world. From a Miss Australia to a US Marine, and from a Chinese Schaepman family to a Surinamese one. It turned out we were spread all over the world. For me, that background was the reason to travel the world myself. It fulfilled a need I didn't know I had."

Company as a byproduct

"The idea for Tribes came about from my visits to all these different cultures. I wanted to create places where business nomads could settle." Schaepman's flexible workspace concept now has locations in the Netherlands, Belgium, and Germany. "You could say that my company is a fortunate byproduct of my wanderlust."

View the channel here.

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