The Story of Tribes

In the past, flexible offices were (well, there is no other way to put it) dull and boring. Desks placed in white cubes, with a computer and a chair, were called ‘an office’. And maybe, if you were lucky, there was a painting on the wall. It all began when Eduard Schaepman and Jasper Bekkering walked into these cubes. The duo felt the same: this can be done differently. At the time, they didn’t know, but this was the start of a whole new flexible office era.

Inspired by the past of his own nomadic family, Eduard dove into nomadic behaviour. He learned about indigenous nomadic tribes, and wanted to share their wisdom and beauty with the world. They combined it with a great place to work, and that's how Tribes Inspiring Workplaces was born: a place where Business Nomads can work, meet and connect in an inspiring environment. Wherever the business takes them. Ever since, Jasper and Eduard have passed several milestones.

Inspiring workplaces.

There are 19 unique Tribes locations across the Netherlands, Belgium & Germany. Each one uniquely inspired by a different indigenous or tribal community from around the world.


Go where the business is.

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