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Our ESG Commitment

At Tribes Inspiring Workplaces, we are dedicated to Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) principles, recognizing their increasing significance in today's corporate responsibility landscape. Our commitment to a sustainable future is evident in our ongoing efforts and future plans:

1. Reducing Carbon Footprint with Hybrid Working:

● Tribes promotes a hybrid work model, reducing commuting needs and cutting carbon emissions by offering coworking spaces closer to people's homes.

● The hybrid model optimizes office space, leading to cost savings for companies and aligning with ESG principles by encouraging efficient resource usage and responsible resource management.

2. Shared Spaces, Shared Responsibility:

● Our coworking and shared space model actively promotes resource efficiency and waste reduction.

● Businesses at Tribes benefit from shared spaces, aligning with their pursuit of ESG goals and empowering them to meet their sustainability objectives.

3. Responsible Partnerships:

● We carefully choose partners who share our commitment to environmental and social responsibility.

● Collaborations with our partners contribute to a more sustainable future, reflecting our broader vision of responsible and ethical business practices.

4. Supporting Indigenous Communities:

● Our global social responsibility extends to supporting Survival International, advocating for indigenous tribes worldwide.

● Through our Nomads All Over the World channel, we raise awareness of cultural preservation, diversity, and the challenges faced by these communities.

5. Diversity Enriches Our Culture:

● Our multicultural workforce, representing over 17 nationalities and almost 30 countries, is integral to our commitment to social responsibility.

● This diversity fosters creativity and reinforces our dedication to an inclusive workplace.

6. Open Communication, Collaboration, and Governance:

● A responsive workplace culture ensures open communication and collaboration.

● Adherence to a robust governance structure, including policies such as a bribery policy, whistleblower policy, and a confidential counselor, underscores transparency and accountability.

7. Recognition in MT/Sprout SD400 Rankings

● Tribes is delighted to be included in the first Sustainable Development 400 rankings by MT/Sprout, a recognition stemming from a University of Amsterdam study involving 1,500 business decision-makers.

● The rankings applaud sustainable entrepreneurship pioneers and recognize service providers facilitating organizational transitions toward sustainability.

8. A Forward-Thinking ESG Strategy:

● Our long-term ESG strategy guides decisions and actions, including selecting locations and suppliers aligned with our values.

● We actively contribute to positive change, leaving a lasting, beneficial impact on the world around us.

Tribes isn’t just cultivating workspaces; we're creating a community that flourishes on shared values and a collective responsibility for a brighter future. Join us on this journey towards a sustainable and socially responsible tomorrow.