Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • Does Tribes accept cash?

No, Tribes is a cash free company. Payments are possible online and by card.

  • What is your cancellation policy?

If you would like to cancel your meeting room, contact your Tribes location. The Cancellation Policy is applied differently depending on the group size.
Group cancellation up to 15 delegates:
>72 hours before arrival date: free of charge;
Between 72 and 48 hours before arrival date: charged 50% of reservation value;
<48 hours before arrival date: charged 100% of the reservation value.
Group cancellation with more than 15 delegates:
>5 days before arrival date: Free of charge;
Between 5 and 3 days before arrival date: charge 50% of reservation value;
Between 72 and 48 hours before arrival date: charge 75% of the reservation value;
<48 hours before arrival date: charge 100% of the reservation value.
For Memberships, Virtual Offices, Private Desk and Private Offices please consult the cancellation policy and notice requirements included in the terms and conditions of your agreement.

  • I am a Tribes member, can I work from other locations?

Yes, members can book meeting rooms and workspaces at any of our locations. You can have access to our locations with your own badge. Ask for more information at the Tribes reception.

  • What are the opening hours? Can I access at any time?

The Tribes teams are generally at the location from 09:00 until 18:00, but this may differ by location. Check out the opening hours on the location page. If you have a Private Office or Private Desk at Tribes, you have 24/7 access to the location.

  • What is included in my Day Pass?

Unlimited coffee and tea, herbal water and high speed Wi-Fi.

  • Can I register my company at your location?

Yes, you can register your company at our location if you have a Private Office or Private Desk. However it is not possible to register your business with the Chamber of Commerce with a Virtual Office.

  • Can I organize an event, filming or photoshoot in one of your locations?

We love having events at our location and we are more then happy to assist you further with the organization. Some locations may not allow filming and photoshoots, however. Contact the location for more information.

  • Do you have space for private calls?

Phone Booths are available for calls in most locations, and have suitable areas in the common spaces. Community Card members can use their Meeting Room or Private Office credits for conference calls purposes. Subject to availability.

  • What are the opening hours for Coworking?

Please check out the website for the specific location opening hours.

  • What is a Private Desk?

Your own dedicated single workstation with 24/7 access in a shared office space, lockable with your own access badge. Book a tour to learn more.

  • Is there a simple way to book a Meeting Room or see my invoice?

The Tribes Portal is what you need. Create an account on the website ( Log in to easily have access to our meeting room availability and keep track to all your invoices. It’s easy and convenient. You can also book a Meeting Room via the website or email us at

  • Do you offer Hybrid Meetings?

We offer Hybrid Meeting solutions with our Logitech camera system in several locations. Do you want to know more about hybrid meetings? Please contact the location to check the availability or send an email to

  • Can I add or remove furniture to my Private Office?

Tribes offers the possibility to adjust your own space upon your requirements.

  • Does Tribes provide parking space?

All locations have limited parking spots for members. For prices and information, contact the location. Public parking spots are available 24/7 nearby all locations.

  • Is the Meeting Room price per person or per room?

The standard offering is based on a price per person, independent of the size of the room. If you need a room price feel free to contact the location.

  • Why am I charged differently if I book a Meeting Room for 4 hours online?

Our online system is structured to charge only per 2 time slots.
From 08:30 until 12:30 and from 13:00 until 17:00, you will be charged with the 4 hour price which is 39 euro per person per half day. Outside these time slots, the system will charge you 59 euro per person for the 4 hours. Send an email to or the location if you need any help or have particular requirements.

  • Can I book a Meeting Room outside of opening hours?

If you have any requirements outside the opening hours, please contact the location. You can find the phone number or email address on the location page of the website.

  • What is a Tribes Community Card?

Tribes Community Card is an Unlimited Coworking Membership, which gives you access to our inspiring coworking areas, lounges, cafés, and restaurant areas during business hours. On top of that, you also get 5 hours credit for a meeting room or private office per month (not transferrable to the next month). The minimum term of the contract is 3 months; the membership will renew automatically unless you choose to cancel.

Wondering about the payment?

If your membership starts on the 1st of the month you pay the first month at checkout, invoiced monthly thereafter. If your membership begins in the middle of the month you will pay the remainder of that month plus the following month at checkout, invoiced monthly thereafter.