Eduard Schaepman
10 May 2018


by Eduard Schaepman, on 10 May 2018

To avoid any misunderstandings: I have not had an extramarital affair! This blog is not about the Schaepmen, but about my Tribes family...


As a start-up, it is useful to outsource some of the positions in your organisation. In the beginning, you just don't have the manpower to take care of everything. When there are organisations that are specialised in certain fields of work, it’s sometimes even better to use their services. Gradually, you'll be bringing in more and more positions and people, and you’re silently expanding. In the beginning, the Tribes team consisted of six people, who were responsible for sales, finance, HR, marketing, IT and actually all daily tasks. Because we wanted to provide our members with the best service, we decided that it was better to outsource the hostesses to a company that understands that business. In good cooperation with Yask, the best and most hospitable ladies were trained for us and then deployed at our Dutch Tribes locations.


During the three years we've been working for now, these ladies have been the pivot of the web with us. They are the ones who make you feel welcome at our locations. Those who help you on your first day. Who will take care of your guests professionally, answer your calls, take on your post and prepare a delicious cup of coffee. No matter how many sales boys and girls you have walking around, or a large group of marketers; a horde of financial people, an HR department, a CEO and a COO, without hostesses, no Tribes location will be able to run properly.


You can imagine that I am extremely proud that we were finally ready to employ these ladies ourselves. In close consultation with Yask, all ladies come into the Tribes family from June 1st, and we are suddenly 21 daughters and a son richer!


What will you notice about this? Probably not so much. But if you arrive on location, you will find a very strong team, who are - yes, I'm really going to say it - all on the same page. We will soon have the same 'name', belong to the same tribe, and with that automatically the same culture. And that is even more pleasant for you, and for us very cozy (with the team trips we suddenly have to make an extra reservation for 22 people).


And as guardian of the family, I have only one task left to do: welcome Annet, Anushka, Chantelle, Charlotte, Chelissa, Erika, Gaby, Jorinde, Kimberly, Lisa, Lisanne, Mariel, Mary, Micky, Robin, Saxhi, Sevim, Soukayna, Suzet and Victor!






New Tribes Family from Tribes on Vimeo.