A sportive end

Eduard Schaepman
19 Dec 2019

A sportive end

by Eduard Schaepman, on 19 Dec 2019

A sportive end


In the last blog of 2019, I would like to go deeper into the reason why I started kickboxing. Of course, I was already a fanatic athlete, and in addition to mountain biking, I am now also seriously kickboxing. Many people ask me why, and with the new year almost there - and thus the good intentions - I thought it would be nice to spend this blog on that! Here are 10 reasons why I love kickboxing!

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1. Lowers stress hormone

First of all, kickboxing - actually sports in general - reduces your stress hormone. By moving, the 'feel good' substances such as serotonin, endorphin and dopamine are released. The result: a nice positive feeling!


2. Good for your brain

When you exercise, your brain strength increases, and your brain functions better. The endorphins also help you with your concentration. Certainly, in an intensive sport, such as kickboxing, your Hippocampus grows, essential for storing and retrieving information. In addition, during a kickboxing lesson you will learn to focus on the here and now, which in turn can help you to concentrate better in your daily life.


3. A better endocrine system

You can lose too much body fat by kickboxing. Body fat disturbs the hormone balance and retains bad waste products that can stimulate depression. Burning fat and working on your body will make you feel better. In addition, by kickboxing you can increase your muscle mass, which increases your testosterone. This works well on your overall mood.


4. You break through vicious circles

If you are depressed or experience a lot of stress, you are often stuck in certain patterns. By kickboxing you learn to become resilient and break through patterns, as you can't be predictable for your opponent. You become aware of your own patterns and ways. Because of the guidance of your (personal) trainer, you will also be less likely to fall back into old patterns. He or she can help you to persevere and motivate you to move.


5. You get rid of frustration and stress

During a kickboxing training you can literally kick out your frustrations and anger without hurting anyone. It's a good way to deal with these negative feelings and let them go.


6. Kickboxing gets you out of your head

Kickboxing also distracts you from your worries. It breaks the cycle of negative thoughts that feed anxiety, stress and depression. If you experience a lot of stress or feel depressed, you probably often work with your head and forget your body. By kickboxing you the here and now, for your mind to calm down.


7. You increase your self-confidence

People with depression often have less self-confidence. By kickboxing you learn to stand up for yourself and defend yourself. This allows you to feel mentally more secure. It can give you the feeling that you have more control over your body and life. Moreover, your body becomes stronger and fitter, which can also contribute to more self-confidence.  In addition, achieving goals makes us feel better. In kickboxing you can work on small goals every week, so you can experience satisfaction when you see that you are getting better every week.


8. You learn to deal with difficult situations better

People with depression can sometimes use alcohol or other unhealthy substances as an escape. By kickboxing you learn to deal with mental and emotional challenges that are not always pleasant. You practice dealing with these in a constructive way. This can help you in your daily life to take responsibility instead of fleeing from mental challenges that give you stress.


9. Kickboxing helps you to relax

If you are under a lot of stress or feel depressed, moving is often the last thing you feel like, as you often feel tired. But especially when you are tired you have to start moving, in order to get energy again. By releasing endorphins after kickboxing, the muscles can relax faster and the tension in the body is reduced.


10. It improves sleep

Training sessions with short, intensive actions, such as kickboxing, can help regulate your sleeping pattern. You can fall asleep faster and sleep deeper.

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Reasons enough to start, right? In any case, I’ll keep kickboxing in 2020!


For now, I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Tribal New Year!





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