A successful Low Car Diet 2019

Eduard Schaepman
10 Oct 2019

A successful Low Car Diet 2019

by Eduard Schaepman, on 10 Oct 2019

Today the Low Car Diet 2019 ends! To be honest, I haven't changed many of my habits in order to travel as sustainably as possible, because I've been working on that for a long time. The first time I followed the Low Car Diet was in 2010 and now I have integrated the more sustainable travel methods into my daily life. It's not only good for the environment when you go to an appointment with a car, for example; it's also efficient. And by the way, with all the ways that are possible nowadays, there's no reason not to travel sustainably: there are options enough!



Anyway, I can look back on a quiet and successful edition. However, there is one thing that I do think is very unfortunate: I still haven't come across Fred, whom I met at Low Car Diet 2014... Maybe I have better luck next year!


An MBA in leather jacket


Don't get me wrong; the men and women at Tribes are my second family. Their hearts are in the right place, they work very hard and are always result-oriented. I love those people. I would do everything for them. But when it comes to variation, we can still use a push. For example: ask any Tribes colleague what his or her favorite event of the year is, and the answer will be in 90% of the cases: The Tribes opening events. Asked for their favorite TV personality, and 90% will answer: Jort Kelder. We almost all vote for the same party, love the same pubs, go to the same holiday spots. And oh yes, of course we all love the same club: NEC.


wk15 ES - gif2

Thank God for public transport! Because no matter how relaxed it is to be surrounded by like-minded people, this week I was reminded again how incredibly fun it is to meet totally different people every now and then, while also travelling a lot cleaner and emitting less CO2! In the Intercity from Amsterdam to Eindhoven a real, authentic biker came sit across to me. Complete with leather outfit, a good beer belly, grey beard and tattoos. Only now I realize that I probably put my life at risk with my icebreaker ‘bike broken?', but it turned out well. He laughed and answered, ‘BMW broken’? The beginning of an unexpected, but incredibly fun conversation. He told me that his name was Fred (sounds like Ed), that he was the boss of a local group of a large gang of motorcyclists (if you leave motorbike out, I have the same), and that his outfit might have been quite eye-catching but that he was very proud of it (could have been my words...). ‘Sounds pretty difficult, leading such a group’, I told him. ‘I'll tell you how I see that’, Fred said, and what followed was a conversation of almost an hour about delegating, planning, communicating and especially, loyalty. An MBA in a leather jacket. I sincerely regretted that Fred had to get out earlier than I did, because I could have talked to him for hours.


I'll tell you, I'm sure I'll take a few 'management tips' from Fred to heart. In fact, I would have liked to have invited him as a guest speaker at one of the Tribes events. I didn't ask his address and I'm afraid I won't find him on LinkedIn either... Well then there's nothing else to do but wait for the next edition of the Low Car Diet!

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