Eduard Schaepman
5 Oct 2017


by Eduard Schaepman, on 5 Oct 2017

Everyone knows about the friendly ‘rivalry’ between Rotterdammers and Amsterdammers, which is often the case about football, but also with other matters. We notice it at Tribes as well: team Amsterdam and team Rotterdam differ from opinion on the number of Tribes locations per city. Team Rotterdam believes that the argument ‘Rotterdam is the most beautiful city in the world’ is enough to transform any building in the city into a Tribes location.


That results in some comments from the Amsterdam team of course… But on June 13, 2017, everything changed for both teams. The worldwide known news network CNN wrote that day about Rotterdam: ’13 reasons why Rotterdam may be Europe’s new capital of cool’! The article summarizes why Rotterdam has the potential to become Europe’s coolest city, mentioning the many museums, impressive buildings, art galleries and of course the Markthal and the Cool district. Soon we heard the teasing song ‘it’s quiet on the other side’ in the hallways, but the intermediate position remains 5-3…


We have three Tribes locations in Rotterdam, one at the Kop van Zuid, one at Coolsingel and one at Blaak. But after such a news article, you have to prepare for the future. The King plans one year ahead, but we look a bit further. Because when Jasper and I read the CNN’s message, we both believed that Rotterdam is the future. It may happen this year, or maybe it’ll take a little bit longer, but we are convinced that Rotterdam will be the coolest city in the world.


So, Jasper and I thought it was time to do something about that intermediate position. Since the city is really going to be that new ‘Capital of Cool’, we wanted to have another central location. Therefore, we looked at the Weena, right in the center and we chose Weena 750: Premier Offices. It’s a beautiful, recently renovated building, which is a great home base if you want to get to know the city, and with three other Tribes locations on a stone’s throw away.


That brings the intermediate position to 5-4, and that makes team Rotterdam very happy… But I can light a tip of the veil: the battle between the cities has not been won yet!


PS: please contact Simba for the most inspiring workplace at Rotterdam Weena, via, or 08002255874 (Simba is our newest member, I’ll tell you more about that later!) 

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