And the winner is...

Eduard Schaepman
23 Jan 2020

And the winner is...

by Eduard Schaepman, on 23 Jan 2020

Last year I was searching for the Best Tribebuilder and the Best Tribebuilders Team. 'A Tribebuilder?', I hear you think... A Tribebuilder is a business broker who works to build our community, spread across all our locations. And we now have quite a few (more than 300), so when you end up wearing the title of Best Tribebuilder or Best Tribebuilders Team, you can be proud of that.


At the beginning of last year, I had the idea to start a search for 'The Best': we men and women in the real estate world are all pretty competitive and do like a little game. But the whole contest actually started with my wish to make business deals a bit special again, which we stimulated through Schaepmannetjes (yes they are again). As you know, the old recipe of Schaepman Jenever came into my possession a couple of years ago, and when I first drank it with real estate agents, they became very enthusiastic.


But I also noticed that there is often only a celebration after a huge business deal. You only get the traditional bottle of champagne if you've 'really done something'. And I thought that was a shame, because every deal is worth it. Every success has to be celebrated! So, I went looking for a new ritual, and there it is: a deal is celebrated with a Schaepmannetje. Instead of the traditional bubbles, we'll give you a Schaepmannetje gift-set to celebrate your deal. For those who prefer to mix it, I've created specific cocktails together with our team (each tribe has its own drink, so now also at our locations) and you can have a toast with a Mosuo Lady or Bloody Masai when you're successful. Or you can drink it pure, of course.

Bloody Masai V

Put it all together and you have a fantastic campaign ready. While we were looking for the Best Tribebuilder and the Best Tribebuilders Team, we visited all those brokers with bottles of Schaepmannetje, jenever glasses, cocktail recipes and even limited edition fridges to celebrate deals. We neatly kept track of the points they earned in a separate ranking, and last Monday was the day: the announcement of the winners.

WK4 ES NL - DSC06092

After we handed out a nice trophy for the Most Calls (SKEPP) and Most Leads (Flexas), the time was there. The 'Best Tribebuilders Team of 2019' is team SKEPP from Albergen! Shortly after that came AllOfficeCenters and Flexas, but only one can be the winner of course. And they did their best for that: the scoreboard was loaded on the screen and one SKEPP colleague after the other signed up with new members for Tribes. The Best Team of 2019 will go with us to the one and only Dutch tribe, a night out (and of course we'll also put them in Volendam costumes). Team SKEPP, we are looking forward to it!

WK4 ES NL - DSC06107

The coveted title of 'Best Tribebuilder of 2019' is for Juul Klumpes of NL Real Estate! With one very nice deal he came halfway through the competition in the ranking and popped to first place, where he has been on top all this time. But it became exciting, because he was closely followed by Pim Gooris of JLL and Tammy Lindberg of Workplace Solutions. Besides the fact that he can call himself The Best for a whole year, he also travels with me. In February we get on a plane to Africa to meet a very special tribe (which one, we'll keep a secret for a while...). Juul, I am looking forward to it!


But of course, we appreciate the efforts of all our Tribebuilders, who are all #Nomads all Over the World!


This year we started again from the 1st of January: everyone is back at zero points, and everyone has a chance to win a super trip to the nomadic tribes (or Dutch). This year even more prizes that we will announce later in the year. Do you want to participate too? Mail our Chief Broker Ligaya Spier and register!



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