Another 1,150 Amsterdam square meters

Eduard Schaepman
9 Jan 2020

Another 1,150 Amsterdam square meters

by Eduard Schaepman, on 9 Jan 2020

First of all, I would like to wish you a Happy New Year! Hopefully you enjoyed a nice holiday like me, and that you’ve spent the holidays with friends and family and had far too much to eat. It was lovely, but I always feel a bit weird without my rhythm. But anyway, I'm not worried about that extra Christmas kilo either, after a nice kickboxing session with our trainer Fouad I feel completely myself again.

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Once back in that rhythm, it's time to focus on the following: what are we going to do in 2020? In short: continue to expand! And we started right away. Per 01-01-2020 we will have another 1,150m2 in Amsterdam! And yes, we are very happy with that given the shortage on the market. The demand for office space continues to outstrip supply in Amsterdam, so you can imagine that we couldn't wait to add the extra meters. We weren't the only ones, because a number of parties were immediately ready to rent those meters.

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Starting with our monumental Raamplein: we also signed for the extra building of 300m2, the old gym of Warner Bros. The ink wasn't dry yet, and we could get started right away: because Rituals Cosmetics Enterprise wanted to rent the entire building! In just a few weeks everything was prepared and set up for Rituals, another great member in our network of business nomads! Such a rebuilding/removal in such a short time is a lot of fun: Chief Mike Rutgers showed himself to be quite handy by helping the handymen between Christmas and New Year's Eve, his team of hostesses has created a huge set of muscles by helping them move in, and we got in touch with the van Oerlemansjes: they forgot some items. The result is once again a beautiful Tribes room where the Rituals employees can find inspiration to their heart's content.

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A little further on, on the Zuidas, we got an entire extra floor of 850m2. This brings Tribes Amsterdam Som to a total of 3,350m2, spread over four floors (including ground floor), so that has become quite a large office too. We styled everything in the Kyrgyz spheres, and Miele Netherlands, among others, was eager to move in. We are very happy with such beautiful members (who of course first checked our machines for the right brand ;)

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We thought this was a great start of the new year. After  – what seems - a 'quiet' period, in which we put everything on the road and prepared for expansion, we're going to focus on those extra meters and locations we're going to launch this year. But of course, you only want to know where that next location is going to be, don't you? I'll announce it soon... So,

stay tuned!

On to a beautiful, healthy 2020!

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