At home? Office? Third Place? Or a combination?

Eduard Schaepman
26 Nov 2020

At home? Office? Third Place? Or a combination?

by Eduard Schaepman, on 26 Nov 2020

One after the other alternative to coworking is being devised, because people are fed up with having to work from home. For example, you can rent a hotel room for yourself, rent a caravan, and there are even office workers who are already 'exchanging houses', looking at a different wallpaper for a day and coming home again after a day's work.


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The importance of going to the office is still underestimated. We see more and more people coming to work with us for a day, either at our corona proof flexible workplaces or in a corona proof day office. Requests are rising and we hear more and more often 'I can't hear it anymore, working at the kitchen table...' Where the social aspect is particularly lacking; as I heard one of our members say during a phone call: 'it's great here, I'm safe behind plexiglass, but I can easily see other people working! And have a chat!


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Of course, I had a chat with this member, because this is great to hear! A member who is having a good time, and who lets his friends know how much fun it is. It turns out that this person has indeed been sitting in one of those hotel rooms. Advantage: you can leave your house; you have that other wallpaper and, in the evening,, you can go home again as if you had a normal day of work. Disadvantage: you don't see a soul.


We have the products with which you can work to your heart's content, meet people and sit at a safe distance to minimize the risk of infection. To make use of our flexible workplaces, a €15 Day Pass is enough, but with a Business Card you can spend 10 days in a year at one of our locations of your choice for just €99. If you like it so much that you would like to come every day, you can opt for a Community Card; our monthly subscription starts at €149. Our flexible workplaces are fitted with plexiglass, have 1.5M safe zones and are thoroughly cleaned. In addition, we also provide sufficient ventilation, because a little fresh air has never made anyone worse!




If you still don't like working in the same room, we also have our private offices. For €60 per day or €250 per week you can work in your own office to your heart's content and you can easily and safely have a chat with other members! Of course, we also clean the day offices, just as we keep everything in our locations tidy and safe.


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But of course we have more than flexible workplaces: meeting rooms with 1.5M distance between participants (and also capacity for large groups!), business addresses so you don't have to process your mail or phone calls yourself, and of course our private offices, available for a day, week or just as long as you want!

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