Barbers all over the world

Eduard Schaepman
12 Mar 2020

Barbers all over the world

by Eduard Schaepman, on 12 Mar 2020

Last week I visited my regular barber again. It's always quite an experience because Barbier Rogier is so much more than just a barbershop: it's a place where 'real' men get together, can talk about their beards, but also about their daily activities. I'm always in the chair with Davey, who this time asked me: 'what cool adventures have I seen pass by on your social media channels?! And so, we started talking about the nomadic tribes, and I soon came to the conclusion that the barbers in this world belong to a tribe of their own.

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Two years ago, I visited the Berbers in Morocco, and I had a shave at a Moroccan market. My beard was worked with a very sharp knife, just on a public market and with the dexterity of a craftsman. The atmosphere there was exactly the same as the one in 'my' barbershop: men among themselves, some with a cup of coffee, telling stories and listening to each other. It's really a social place, and I noticed that some just came to have a little chat. They stayed for a few minutes, said hello to the others and walked away without having a shave.

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When I visited two tribes in Tanzania a month ago, together with Juul Klumpes and Muhammed Aydogan, I saw that the first tribe (indeed, which one exactly remains a secret) also have some kind of barber in the tribe. The men work their beards with a homemade knife - and I'm talking about a kind of machete instead of a razor blade). There isn't really one barber who helps everyone, the men help each other with taking care of their beard. But here as well, I noticed the loud clicking and chatter, that it really is a social moment of the day.


This week I made a tour through Rotterdam, and I saw one of our Tribes members sitting in the chair at our Tribes Barber Ian. Talking about his daily activities, the news and the business, with a good cup of coffee. And it soon became clear to me that this member was a regular customer, because the barber knew - just like Davey did from me - exactly what he was doing.

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Davey and I came to the same conclusion: you have Nomads all over the World, but also Barbers all over the World and they have one thing in common: they form a social hub for men with beards, who get out the door with a good feeling! By the way, men without beards are also very welcome at our barber; he also cuts everything neatly, so you'll look tip-top again in your next meeting.


Ps: take a look at the social media channels of the barbers, full of inspiration! Barbier Rogier can be found on Facebook and Instagram and Barber shop Gullit on Instagram.

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