Bungee jumping opposite Frankfurt Central Station

Eduard Schaepman
12 Jul 2018

Bungee jumping opposite Frankfurt Central Station

by Eduard Schaepman, on 12 Jul 2018

As promised we have opened another location for the summer. Yesterday was the grand opening of Tribes Frankfurt Central Station, the third Tribes location in Germany! We are steadily building on to create a great network of meeting places for all business nomads, wherever they are in the world. Because the need for those places is only growing: the office is no longer static. More and more entrepreneurs and employees work near their business; on the way to an appointment at a roadside restaurant, at the local coffee shop, or in the lobby of a hotel. But the need to meet, the will to exchange ideas and to tell stories is deeply rooted. We offer them that modern campfire; a checkpoint during their wonderings, a home base for business nomads to meet each other, and inspiration for their work. 


That's why it's always a feast to walk through the new office and to imagine how the members will enjoy this new location. I already see them sitting at the (always) round Tribal table, exchanging stories at the Tribes bar, or getting inspiration from the hero-tribe's insights: be fearless. The hero-tribe of this location is Vanuatu, a tribe from the Pacific archipelago of the same name. Of all the customs that make the Vanuatu special, there is one that literally rises above everything: 'land diving', the ceremonial jump of a high self-built wooden tower to celebrate the harvest of the yam beans and to gain prestige.


Jumping from the tower is an action that requires significantly more guts than a normal bungee jump, of which this is actually the predecessor... But this is not a jump with an elastic cord, but with an ordinary rope. In fact, a rope that is actually just a little too long. And they don’t jump above water, that will break your fall if necessary, but above land....


So, the fact that you need guts for this is an understatement... At Tribes Frankfurt Central Station, everything revolves around the leap into the deep. Taking risks, without knowing where it ends. As an entrepreneur, you are not afraid of the danger, but take on challenges. You don't shy away from something easily. You are fearless. These are characteristics that can help an entrepreneur along the way.


So, when our marketing department came up with the obvious idea that I would bungee jump into the atrium of the building during the opening party, I told myself to be fearless. I already purchased the suit, the ropes were ready (all right, those were the right length), but unfortunately the rules in Germany are different. The whole plan was cancelled by the municipality. So, it became sliding from the stairs, because just like the Vanuatu we had to look for that height to show that we too knew no fear and take the 'leap' to celebrate a good (opening) season! 


The act went just a little bit different; the location itself has become a gem again. Book a tour at, or call 0800 22 55 874!

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