Childless & enough bandwidth

Eduard Schaepman
26 Mar 2020

Childless & enough bandwidth

by Eduard Schaepman, on 26 Mar 2020

Now that we are all working as much as possible from home, we realize how difficult that can be. For many it seems like a dream: to get out of bed and to open your laptop with uncombed hair. Now that all is said and done, this turns out to be quite disappointing in practice. Especially when the whole family is at home.


Every day I visit one of the Tribes locations. There is enough space to keep the 1,5-meter distance and we have taken sufficient hygiene measures so you can work safely. Not only for our own people, but also for our members. The last few days we have noticed that more and more people come to work with us again for a day or using our 10-ride card or our monthly subscription. And that's possible.

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Of course, we also have a strict door policy. As long as it is still possible to guarantee the social distance of 1.5 meters, we let people in. Inside we have strict routines and we make sure that people stick to the 1.5 meter between each other.  Last Tuesday I visited Tribes Amsterdam Amstel, where I received a warm but contactless (namasté) welcome. Turned out that I wasn't the only visitor; I already thought the parking garage was remarkably full, and a tour of the corridor with offices showed that there are still people working at the office. Where one normally sits in an office with more than one person, they are now alone. I was curious, so I knocked on the door and was able to have a chat with one of these members (at an appropriate distance of course). He told me that he just couldn't concentrate at home because of his children and that his WiFi kept going down, but that his work was going on. So, then you start looking for a solution. Together with his colleagues he made a schedule, so that everyone who needs it can sit alone in the office from time to time. I think it's a creative and safe solution!


After my visits to our locations, I noticed that the social distancing works well at the various offices and workplaces. Even the open office garden of an international member is used (by the necessary IT people who can't access the server from home), and the colleagues each have their own 'corner'. Before one starts to walk towards the door, it is therefore announced loudly so that you don't accidentally end up in each other's 1.5 meters.

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The only point where it is difficult to keep that distance is the coffee machine. Certainly, at some locations; like Amstel, it is a cozy corner, but not too spacious. So, we thought about that: from now on you can also order a takeaway coffee at the Tribes bar. Of course, hygiene comes first, and hands are washed before the coffee is made. When you get a day pass and hand it in again, it will be immediately put through disinfecting soapy water, and there will be enough disinfecting gel on site for when you have had to open a door or touch something else. And off course we clean all workplaces every day.


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So yes, you can come and work for us, but we do ask you to respect our rules. Then we will ensure a pleasant, childless stay, with a good bandwidth!




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