CO2, get rid of it!

Eduard Schaepman
21 Feb 2019

CO2, get rid of it!

by Eduard Schaepman, on 21 Feb 2019

It’s great that the youth have dedicated themselves to the climate, don’t you think? I’m sure you have seen it; around 15000 schoolchildren gathered at the Malieveld in The Hague to protest against global warming on February 7th. With slogans like 'get rid of CO2' and 'Is our future really of interest to you', or a very cleverly thought of 'Fuck me, not the world', and another intelligent 'Eat pussy, not cows', it was one pretty cool day in The Hague for all those teenagers.


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Let's be honest, it’s a great idea. The execution of their protest however, was a bit less. Most of the students were dropped off by car early that morning; after all, great crowds were expected on the train, and our teenagers like to travel with a little comfort. The impact of those extra car rides to The Hague are not really an issue. After all, they will soon take the plane for holidays or their exam trips, but that’s just secondary; at least our youth, the future of this world, is showing that they are united! 


And we saw that in the video reports: there was no uprising, just a friendly atmosphere and lots of happy faces (who doesn’t like a good reason for skipping classes)! Only a few teenagers were able to express their claims when the RTL reported asked for it. The rest of the youth was enjoying themselves, while smoking a cigarette (good for the environment), and by noon a large herd went to the Burger King of McDonalds (let’s forget about the CO2 emissions for the production of packaging materials). The best part of all this: the students, who are just skipping classes, won’t be sanctioned, and their parents won’t get a fine for this behavior.


wk08 ES gif2A while back Véronique and I informed the director of the OBB (primary school of our children) that our kids will not be at school the last Friday day before the holidays. On Thursday I have to go to Stütgart for a dinner with a business relation, and that Friday I'm going to see four potential Tribes locations. The next day, Saturday, the holiday starts, which we will spend near Stütgart. After consultation Véronique and I thought it was ridiculous that I would drive 1200 km extra to pick her up and the children, and then take the whole ride again to arrive at our final destination. Talking about unnecessary CO2 emissions, isn't it? The director greatly appreciated that we discussed this with him, and he understood our situation. Of course, it is also just nonsense to drive back and forth, and where many parents will report their child sick, we at least discussed this openly. We know that it is at our own risk: if there is an inspection, the school will have to admit honestly where our kids are and then of course there is a chance of a fine.


wk08 ES poto2I’ve spent quite some words on the subject already, and what I actually wanted to say is this: less CO2 emissions, you're responsible for that yourself. You make the most impact by taking action, and one of them is indeed to remove your children from school the last day before the holiday (when they miss a lesson handicraft). We can only accept the government's reward system: the Schaepman family runs the risk of a fine for saving 1200 extra kilometers, and the class skipping teenagers get a pat on the back for all fathers and mothers who have driven to The Hague, all the packaging materials of a Burger King/Mc Donalds that have been sold extra, because I wonder if all the students have taken their waste with them after the protests...

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