Collecting frenzy

Eduard Schaepman
7 Nov 2019

Collecting frenzy

by Eduard Schaepman, on 7 Nov 2019

Man - all kinds of the Homo species, from the Homo habilis to modern man, the Homo sapiens, is a true hunter-gatherer. About 2 million years ago the men left their safe caves at dawn to hunt for a good, fresh supper, while the women stayed closer to 'home' to collect berries and other edible delicacies. Hundreds of thousands of years later, the neanderthal introduced a number of stone tools, so that the supper would be on the table a little faster. With all the developments and efforts of all our early ancestors, it is now possible to have your food delivered to your front door in just a few clicks (which makes you wonder where we will be in a few 100 years, right?).

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Although we no longer need to search for food, the fact remains that Homo sapiens has spent most of his time on earth as a hunter-gatherer. It's a bit 'the nature of the beast' I'll just say, and therefore we’ll always want to collect something… It’s not without reason that there are more than enough archery and shooting clubs, and that the rarest stamp ever was sold to a fanatical collector for 9.5 million dollars.

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We collect the craziest things, even though you may not always be aware of it. I'm a bit of a nostalgic collector myself: I love to search for historic items from my family. That started after the death of my father, when I began to fulfill his last wish: to make the family tree of the Schaepman family up to date for the Blue Booklet. In my search all over the world for Schaepman people, I came across a lot of old objects. The ring that H.J.A.M. Schaepman got from the Pope we found with our family in Australia, old pictures, old (sheep) hoof scrapers, and so on. I don't get the 'kick' out of physically collecting these objects, but out of finding memories and discovering the story.


In 2012 I found something very cool: the old Schaepman jenever recipe. As you know, I had it stoked, renamed the name into Schaepmannetje, and the bottle is now on the shelves at several shops and you can also have it delivered to your home with a few clicks (! I am of course very proud that I have been able to revive new this memory, and I like to see how the Schaepmannetje is also used in a 'modern' way, since it appeared to be an amazing base for a cocktail! And there are a lot to make, but you have to have the right recipe in your hands. Let it be the coincidence that every nomadic tribe has an own cocktail...

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And because I understand better than anyone that we all still have some kind of need for gathering, you can start collecting them. We’ll place a recipe online each Friday, so do you collect them – or better still, drink them – with us?

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