Concentration & focus during social distancing

Eduard Schaepman
2 Apr 2020

Concentration & focus during social distancing

by Eduard Schaepman, on 2 Apr 2020

Due to #Stayathome and social distancing, we are suddenly at home with the entire family. And if you're lucky that your work can continue in this day and age, you’ll also have a pile of deadlines. But meeting them with math and language lessons in the background is a different story... Fortunately, there are still solutions to concentrate and focus, so here are my tips!


Concentration in shifts

The member in Tribes Amsterdam Amstel I wrote about last week, has inspired several people with his schedule for using an office. We see more and more members rotating: in the morning one colleague has the space for himself, and in the afternoon someone else sits there. We have a strict door policy in our locations and allow people as long as possible to keep the 1.5-meter distance between members. Of course, there's plenty of soap, paper towels and we're constantly cleaning, so you can escape the jungle at home and concentrate. Because we understand that you love your children, but that you can now stick them behind the wallpaper.



Peek in the kitchen

My normal weeks consist for a large part of meeting (new) people. That goes on now, but digitally. Sure, it's just a bit less than physical, but Zoom is the new brown cafe I'll say. But without realizing it, you welcome the whole world into your living room, kitchen or bedroom. I've seen quite a few kids pass by with their homework (and soul) under their arm. And the best part is the reaction of mom or dad. Sure, it's part of the situation now, but I also understand that you want to be able to have a quiet call every now and then. So, our meeting rooms can now also be booked for 1 person, so you have a quiet environment, where you can focus, and you have a professional look.


Not right now

"Is it urgent, or can I call you back later? I'm in the middle of an English class...' I've heard that one a couple of times. Right at the moment that you're explaining the present simply, one of your colleagues’ calls. It's best to turn your phone off, so you can concentrate on one task. But you also don't want to miss any calls... Luckily, we have a solution for that too: our telephone services! You turn off your phone, and all your calls come to us. We take them in your name, so that the caller doesn't even notice that he or she is not speaking directly to your organization. And at the end of the day - or any other time you want - we pass on all calls neatly to you.


Just forward it

This one, too, has occurred to us a couple of times: 'Have you already signed that document?', a colleague asks. You ask yourself what document... And all of a sudden you think of it: oh well, the one that came in the mail and is still in the office. Now we can easily go to our offices, but that doesn't apply to all companies. But our hostesses can forward all mail to your home address! With our mail service you can temporarily have all your mail sent to a Tribes location of your choice, and you will get it sent to your home address.


Maybe it will help you, and if we can do something for you, we can be reached on 0800 22 55 874, or via!



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