Episode 1: Eduard Schaepman

Eduard Schaepman
21 Jan 2021

Episode 1: Eduard Schaepman

by Eduard Schaepman, on 21 Jan 2021

Nomads all over the World - inspired by health

Nomads all over the World (powered by Tribes) will be a collection of informative videos in which I talk to all kinds of people about health. Starting next week, I'll be talking to top athletes, coaches, doctors, nutritionists, and you name it, every week to learn as much as I can. For this week’s first episode of Nomads all over the World I'll be the guest, and I'll be interviewed, by Tribes colleague Muhammed Aydogan.


Starting to get healthy

He wants to know everything about me, such as how my focus and passion for health originated. As you could have read last week, I've been into sports for a long time. I have tried and done all kinds of things: sailing, skating, cycling, horse riding, football, hockey, basketball, volleyball, kickboxing, boxing, mountain biking, and I'm sure I'll miss a few. But it wasn't until we rented a holiday home in Knokke 10 years ago, and I cycled 40km every day to get the Telegraaf for breakfast, that sport became my passion and I took it more seriously.

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Young children

I’m also talking about the reason why I want to be fit and focus on health: I want to stay strong and healthy for my young children. I want to be there for them, and when you get older, you have to work for it. Especially as an 'office clerk' you really have to make an effort - I have been working in an 'office' for about 30 years now, the last 6 of which as a self-employed person, where the pace was much faster. I started to excercise more, and gradually found out that you’ll get more energy from it. And thus room for new projects that make you happy (like this channel).

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We are talking about my addiction: sport. I'm lucky with that: if you have to get addicted to something, it has to be to sport! And it's a lot easier to reach your goals and stick to them when you love doing something so much. For example, if I haven't exercised for a day, my body, and therefore I, get a bit grumpy. On such days, my children or wife sometimes say: can you please go cycling? I hope to find out in this series when that moment comes that you become addicted to sport: it will help many people to keep up those good intentions just a little bit longer... Once addicted, you don't get rid of it so easily again...

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An 8.5 for health and 9 for happiness

I also talk about the importance of positive communication - shouldn't health insurance companies, for example, do their bit and reward healthy behaviour? And I discuss all my other habits that contribute to my health: sleep, nutrition, supplements, prevention, but also meditation and how this has changed me in recent years. He also asks me how I rate my health and happiness. A big 8.5 and 9; and how am I going to raise it to 10? You will hear that in the episode.

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PS: Do you know or know someone who has an interesting story to tell about health? Top athletes, doctors, nutritionists, or someone else? Please let me know!

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