Episode 3: Laurens van Cleef

Eduard Schaepman
3 Feb 2021

Episode 3: Laurens van Cleef

by Eduard Schaepman, on 3 Feb 2021

How healthy is Laurens van Cleef?


This week, I'm talking to a young man who knows everything about cycling, and who has been making sure that my bicycle is in the best possible condition for years. Not only does he have a lot of technical knowledge, he also has a lot of experience - when he was about 3-4 years old, his father put him on his bike and he never left it for a long time. Reason enough to ask Laurens van Cleef of De Fietsenwinkel in Huizen all about cycling and health.

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Muddy but in love

Laurens has been cycling since he was a child; he got his love of cycling from his father - owner of the well-known bicycle shop in Huizen, also known as 'The Bike Jewelry'. His first ride through the Naarderbos was on a trailer bike attached to his father's mountain bike - with all the splashing earth and mud in his face that entailed. But that didn't spoil the fun for little Laurens: he fell in love with the sport and started training really hard, eventually joining a club, riding in races, and at his peak cycling 20-30 hours a week.


Perfect seat

When he was around 14, during high school, Laurens took a step back to concentrate on his gymnasium diploma, but he always stayed connected to his passion. During the holidays the bikes went with him, and in the summer months he took at least two 3-hour rides a week, and he still does! Sometimes he also joined the Moeke Spijkstra Cycling Club, just like his father. And I can tell you, before Laurens fully embraced student life and was in Rotterdam a lot, he regularly (read: always) out cycled me. Since a few years, he helps cycling fanatics to find the perfect seat with his advice in the bicycle shop. He helped me with a bike-fitting: at the end of the interview, you can see how that works. By placing sensors all over my body, Laurens can see through a programme exactly what my posture and seat are and adjust my bike accordingly.


Nice deal

Now that Laurens has fully embraced student life (Law studies in Rotterdam), and yes, that does involve a few extra beers and some extra kilos, he says he wants to work on it. And a good deal with his girlfriend already results in a different eating pattern: she stops smoking, he becomes - just like her - a vegetarian. He gives his health a 7: he wants to lose a few kilos, exercise more and drink less. Well, what do you expect when you live with four students in a house, with a lockdown and curfew... It's easy to pick up a beer! He gives his happiness an 8.5: nice to hear that a student can enjoy himself despite all the measures.



And that is also the tip that Laurens gives us: enjoy. You have to take good care of yourself, and that also means that you have to give yourself a break now and again. Mental health is just as important as physical health, so enjoy that beer or wine every now and then.


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