From the Schaepskooi BV to Tribes

Veronique Schaepman-Bressers
20 Sep 2019

From the Schaepskooi BV to Tribes

by Veronique Schaepman-Bressers, on 20 Sep 2019

The very first blog from our new colleague Veronique Schaepman (yes, our founders' spouse!). She's been working as Tribes’ Recruiter now for almost a month, and she's enjoying it a lot. Read why her experience as CEO of the Schaepskooi BV made her the perfect candidate!

‘You have acquired such a good knowledge of people at the Schaepskooi BV, that you immediately know what kind of person is in front of you. You should become Tribes’ recruiter!’, were the words of my husband Eduard Schaepman a few weeks ago. He immediately dismissed my only obstacle (I want to keep on being there for our children) with the argument that I could work flexibly of course.

The reason for this conversation was my eldest daughter, who came to tell us that we would have to pick up her school books a few days later. She almost went to high school for the first time, and so we had to deal with these kinds of things. An exciting time - for me, not for her. I only saw enthusiasm on my daughter's face, and after Eduard and I had talked for a while about that kind of human knowledge, he came up with his offer.

I have managed the Schaepskooi BV for 12 years, and as every mother will experience, I know know every variant of 'it wasn't me' or 'I want it'. You learn to fathom your own children like no other, and you know exactly when someone is happy, nervous or sad. This experience provides a healthy dose of human knowledge, or maybe I already had that. Before I became CEO Schaepskooi BV, I was already enjoying working with people a lot. I found out after I made the switch from the Concertgebouw in Amsterdam and the Guggenheim in Venice to private banking. I missed the commercial drive, and found that at MeesPierson, Oyens & Van Eeghen and Morgan Stanley. I stayed close to my passion for art and culture because my clients all had a sports or entertainment background. But most of all, I kept on finding contact with people. The introductory and advisory meetings, the building up of the relationship: everything revolves around communication.

If you add the fact that I've heard a lot about Tribes for four years, and that I've regularly advised and helped (from designing the corporate clothing to the official opening of Tribes Amsterdam Raamplein), I had no choice but to agree with Eduard: recruitment for Tribes suits me. So, before I knew it, I had said 'yes', and I got everything I needed to 'call (+31 650 45 86 56) and send an occasional email', as my youngest told his friends. I think that's a perfect explanation, because I plan my appointments in such a way that I'm at home when they come out of school and those words mean that they don't notice that I've become a working mother.

I've been working as Tribes’ recruiter for a while now, and I think it's great. Tribes is a fantastic company, not because it belongs to my husband, but because there is a nice and energetic atmosphere at all locations. With young employees with very diverse positions, from hostesses to sales, operations and finance, who form a close-knit team, and where there is really no hierarchy. Where you get the chance to develop yourself and grow along with the company.

Are you curious whether a career at Tribes is something for you? Don't hesitate to contact me!

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