From tiger to clown in a diamond suit

Eduard Schaepman
4 Apr 2019

From tiger to clown in a diamond suit

by Eduard Schaepman, on 4 Apr 2019

The best newspaper headline from this week came from the AD: 'Dresscode at work: 'Completely in suit is almost clownish'. Two expert ladies, Selma Duinkerken, owner and designer at Tubino and Anne-Marie van Leggelo of ‘Het Etiquette Bureau’ give their opinion on the office dresscode in 2019. Selma thinks that a suit is a bit clownish, and Anne-Marie is mainly looking for clear guidelines from a company.


wk14 ES - gif My reaction was of course 'I've always known I'm a bit of a clown', because it's true: I really prefer to wear a suit on business occasions. I combine the striking diamonds with matching shoes and even personalized shirts and cufflinks, because that's what makes me feel best. Once you've got an eye for detail, you won’t be able to lose it. And next to that: a good, tailor-made suit made of a fine fabric feels much better than jeans (but that's my opinion).


But still, for me it's not so much the kind of clothing I do or don't feel comfortable in, but the 'color'. I started wearing diamonds a long time ago, and those who know me (and actually also those who don't, because there are enough pictures of me and I play a little role in the Tribes campaigns), know that I'm talking about really striking diamonds. Sometimes a green suit with white ones, pink with blue ones, or yellow with purple… I can go on for a while. Except for orange, you’ll never see me wearing it, because ‘it’s just not my color’, according to my wife. Now that I've been wearing diamonds for a while, it's a 'color' in which I feel comfortable, comparable to men and women who like wearing black, grey, dark blue or white. I feel comfortable, and now I am the 'man in the checked suit': a recognizable personality, and that is an advantage of a striking outfit.

wk14 ES - gif 2.2019-04-03 17_05_57


Because in a couple of months we will all be going to the Provada again, and where a lot of grey suits blend in together, people will be able to locate me in the busy hall thanks to my striking suit. Now I realize that we will be with a lot of clowns at that event, according to Selma… Well, as long as we’re joking and networking at the same time, right?


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Anyway, these two ladies won’t get me out of my suit. I do agree with them (who doesn't?) that personal hygiene is most important: as long as you look clean, it doesn't matter what style you have; you present yourself in a way that suits you. The same goes for a company, and I agree with Anne-Marie: clear guidelines are important. For the Tribes hostesses we have a hip, modern outfit (white jacket, neat jeans and nice, smooth sneakers) so that the ladies - who sometimes walk a lot in our locations - can wear good shoes, and the rest of the team dresses Tribal: business casual with a touch of joy from the tribes! 


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