Greetings from Tanzania

Eduard Schaepman
6 Feb 2020

Greetings from Tanzania

by Eduard Schaepman, on 6 Feb 2020

As Chief of Tribes - the inspiring workplace for business nomads - I am of course a nomad in heart and soul myself. In a 'normal working week' I make quite a few miles when I go from location to location, chasing the business everywhere. I love working in a different environment each time and I'm always inspired by the different tribes at our locations.

This month, however, I'm going a step further. Loyal readers know that I was in Israel with Co-Chief Jasper Bekkering last week to learn more about the story of the 12 tribes, and this Tuesday I took the plane again. Together with Juul Klumpes of NL Real Estate, who is going along as Best Tribebuilder, and Tribes' Online Manager, Muhammed Aydogan (our cameraman this week) I travelled to Tanzania to visit a tribe!

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During my previous journeys, to the Berbers in Morocco, the Kyrgyz in Kyrgyzstan and the Mosuo in China, I went looking for ways in which the traditional nomadic tribes live and what we can learn from them. These were three special adventures, from which I returned with many stories, but above all with many insights. It was all captured in a documentary series: Nomads all over the World, and the next episode will be made this week in Tanzania. While I'm writing this, we're still in the Corridor Springs Hotel in Arusha, a city with 3.5 million inhabitants (out of 55 million in all of Tanzania), where we'll spend two nights before we will experience the real nomadic life.


The real nomadic life means sleeping in a 'simple' tribal hut, no bed, no running water, and we will be completely absorbed in the daily life of the tribe. We will get up very early, to be able to hunt before the sun rises (otherwise it will be too hot), we will look for bees to hopefully find a good amount of honey - a real treat for this tribe and we will try to make arrows.

I don't have the faintest idea if I have WiFi during those days, and if I can keep you up to date about my adventure (the home front has of course requested pictures and a travelogue - check them out on Polarsteps), but I'm going to do my best. For now, I can say that the trip went well: everything went smoothly at Schiphol Airport, and the 9-hour flight was also very smoothly (for brand new dad Muhammed it was great, he could finally make up for his lost hours of sleep). I'm looking forward to the rest of our adventure, which you will certainly hear more about next week!



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