Healthy in the Office

Eduard Schaepman
7 Jan 2021

Healthy in the Office

by Eduard Schaepman, on 7 Jan 2021

The first week of the new year is already over, and I wonder how many 'good intentions' have already been broken. For me, the year does not start with good intentions, but with the continuation of habits. Since 2010 I have been playing sports fanatically, and I am fitter than ever. Through the years I have gained quite a lot of experience, with trial and error getting to know myself and my own body in sports, and I have gained quite a lot of experience in the matter.

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Many people ask me about it too, and I have gained so much knowledge that this year I have decided to share it with you. So you will hear (almost) no fuss about corona, or other misery from me! No, I intend to focus on positive things, and something that gives me a lot of energy is being busy with health. And it is desperately needed...


Thicker & dumber

In the last week of 2020, the Dutch newspaper De Telegraaf headlined 'The Netherlands is in danger of becoming thicker and dumber', an alarming article, of course a result of corona, but really not an unknown phenomenon. It has long been known that the influence of metabolic changes such as high blood sugar and elevated cholesterol are a proven cause of brain decay. As if that wasn't enough reason, 2020 has really put us face to face with the facts: working on your health is so important. But not always easy with an office job!


Name your personal reasons for living a healthy life

Of course, there are plenty of reasons why you should live a healthy life. To name just a few: you feel fitter, you have more energy, it strengthens your immune system, your body becomes stronger, with sports you create endorphins that make you feel better mentally, you prevent shortages of vitamins and minerals, by exercising together you can make or maintain social contacts, you build resistance, you boost your self-confidence, and I can go on for a while. We all know it, but by no means everyone knows his or her own personal reason for adopting a healthy lifestyle, a motivation that is very important. Think of an important competition or building resistance. Lose/gain a few pounds, or look more muscular for an important event, your wedding for example. There is no drawback to a healthy lifestyle but write down the most important ones for yourself. Stick it on your mirror, or on the refrigerator, just where you want or need a little support.


Three important pillars

I myself have also struggled with that health for a long time. Because how do you keep all the balls in the air, your work, your family, friends, and your health? It's quite a lot. It wasn't until 2008 that I tackled this structurally, before that I did a bit of everything, but I had absolutely no regularity in it. By now I know that there are 3 important pillars for your health: sleep, nutrition and exercise, and I have found a method that works for me. And on that path, I would like to take you with me, so it will be fun to be healthy in the office.


Advice: do what you like!

What happened in 2008 that I started to take it up structurally? A nice anecdote, with my first advice in it. In 2008 I had rented an apartment in Knokke for the first time. Together with Veronique, and then only daughter Veroniqueje, we enjoyed a few wonderful days. The ultimate morning consisted of a healthy breakfast, and then a good cup of coffee, accompanied by a newspaper. The Telegraph. Only it was not yet available in the trendy seaside resort... I had to go to Cadzand-Bad, half an hour away by bike. I started having fun on that bike, emptied my head while cycling, and I decided to take it more seriously. In 2010 I decided to take it even more fanatically, with a sports schedule, supplemented with the right nutrition and sleep. The advice: in order to stay on your healthy road to success, you need to do what you like!

Do you also want to live a healthier life with an office job? Follow my blogs and later vlogs, and learn all about the importance of nutrition, exercise and sleep!

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