How healthy is Caroline Pleijsier?

Eduard Schaepman
8 Apr 2021

How healthy is Caroline Pleijsier?

by Eduard Schaepman, on 8 Apr 2021


This week I talk to Caroline Pleijsier, a lady who knows all about nutrition. Her whole life she has been involved with food: from childhood she developed a passion that has always stayed with her. When her children became independent, she decided to go back to working life, and started an education to become an Orthomolecular therapist. Now she helps people improve their health through natural means, from dietary advice to supplements. We talk about exercise, sleep, supplements, meditation and, of course, nutrition in depth!


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Conscious about nutrition

When Caroline was young, she was already very conscious of nutrition. Where her mother took a pill for a headache or to sleep well, she was curious about the cause of the problems, which can often be solved with nutrition or supplements. She has been consciously working on this her entire life, and at one point decided to become a vegetarian. At the time, this was mainly a result of her love for animals, and that eating meat did not feel good, but because of this she developed a B12 deficiency, which sparked her interest in supplements.


Orthomolecular therapist

She turned her passion into her work later in life, first focusing on raising her five children. About five years ago, she started a commercial job at Riviera Maison, and then worked as a consultant in a clothing shop. Helping and advising people attracted her in both jobs, but she wanted to go deeper, and decided to combine this with her passion for nutrition. She studied to become an Orthomolecular therapist at the Ortho Health Foundation and now helps people improve their health through natural means. This ranges from giving specific nutritional advice to the use of supplements, advice that she gives on the basis of interviews and if necessary additional blood tests.


10,000 steps

Besides food, exercise is also an important factor, she admits, and Caroline does everything she can to get about 6-8 hours of exercise a week. She makes sure she gets to 10,000 steps at least 3-4 times a week, stays as active as possible during the day, goes to the gym twice a week (exercises that she now does at home), and before Corona visited the golf course at least 1-2 times a week.


Know what you eat

In terms of food, Caroline tries to eat as pure as possible, but uses an 80/20 rule. 80% as pure as possible, the other 20% you can sin. But you have to eat sensibly, and preferably organically. Not a normal bag of crisps, but organic crisps - and then the real organic crisps, not just the label organic because there is organic salt in it. So a visit to the supermarket involves reading labels, because Caroline wants to know what she is eating. She gives us the example of crab sticks: when you read the labels, you find out that they don't contain any crab at all, but 20% white fish and 80% additives - not good for your body at all.

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Listen to your body

Caroline listens to her body in everything she does. She starts the morning with a lukewarm glass of water with lemon juice, because 'otherwise your intestines will get a big kick'. No alcohol during the week, but at the weekend she can enjoy a glass of red wine. But after two glasses, her body tells her it's enough, and that's the way she feeds herself. No fixed rhythm in terms of breakfast, lunch or dinner; if she notices that she doesn't feel like eating yet, she waits with that. But she does make sure that she doesn't eat too often in a day, because that makes your blood sugar level rise every time - and causes a dip in energy again. Also in terms of supplements: in addition to her daily D3 and K2, she takes vitamin C when she is tired.


Health a 7.5 and happiness a 10

She gives her health a good 7, so we end up with a 7.5. To get to an 8, besides some extra muscle exercises, she needs 'good conversations', i.e. more depth on a social level. A consequence of the corona crisis, which can certainly affect your health. She still gives her happiness a 10: she is super happy and of course we like to hear that. Her tip is about food, how could it be otherwise: read labels, so you know what you eat!


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