How healthy is Eric Fintelman?

Eduard Schaepman
18 Feb 2021

How healthy is Eric Fintelman?

by Eduard Schaepman, on 18 Feb 2021

The best place to interview Head Coach and Technical Manager of the Larensche Mixed Hockey Club is of course at the club itself.A place where I can be found every Saturday as coach and trainer of Charlies' team and as a proud father of two field hockey playing daughters. All the more fun that I get to talk to their Head Coach Eric Fintelman about exercise, nutrition and health!

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Field hockey

Eric has a long history of field hockey: in the 1990s he started at the CIOS in Arnhem, where he was trained as a field field hockey coach. After that, he had the opportunity to train a lot of teams at different clubs, starting in 1996 at A.M.H.C. Upward (Arnhem) as Head of Youth Training - where he also played himself. In the years that followed he was Technical Manager in Nijmegen, Trainer/coach Ladies 1 and Men 1 & Head of Youth Training in Apeldoorn, teacher at the K.N.H.B., Trainer/coach Men 1 in Voorburg, Technical Manager and Trainer Ladies 1 in Amsterdam, General Manager of the Hockey Federation Luxembourg, Learning Coach at the K.N.H.B. and he also trained the national team in Ireland! It is clear that his life is all about sports, but of course I am curious how sporty he is!


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Hobbling for seven hours a day

During CIOS, Eric played sports every day, all day long: the first lesson started at 8.20 am and the last ended at 5.30 pm, after which the students often had to continuet to their internships or their own training. Extremely long days, which Eric had to get used to. But you have to as a trainer: he now spends at least 7 hours a day on the field ‘hobbling', as he calls it himself. Not quite a walk, not quite a run, not quite active, Eric says. But you are moving nevertheless. Add those hours to that the 3-4 times a week he gets on his bike to make a 2-3 hour trip, and you still end up with quite a few hours of exercise.


Outdoor air

That outdoor air is good for you is, of course, nothing new. Eric reinforces that idea by answering my question 'how do you sleep', with a resounding 'good'. At least 7 hours a night; how many hours of deep sleep? No idea, because he falls asleep and wakes up feeling fine again. Maybe also because he is conscious about his nutrition: no sweets, just healthy sugars. As a real field hockey player (the club doesn’t has a beautiful clubhouse without reason), he enjoys a glass of alcohol - and that's okay as long as you don't chug a bottle of wine every day, Eric says.

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Health an 8, happiness a 9

Eric gives his health an 8, and says that with a few kilos less it could easily become an 8.5. His plan: start walking more, because unfortunately running is no longer possible due to bad knees. But with a quarter of an hour of brisk walking, you already start burning fat, Eric says, so that's a good alternative. He gives his life a resolute 9: "I have a beautiful life.And that is, of course, what I like to hear! His tip for the office nomad is his own plan: take more walks. Get up a bit earlier and go for a walk for half an hour or an hour, it can be beautiful even in the city. And that way you have already had some nice exercise before you start your day!


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