How healthy is Yassine Charrout?

Eduard Schaepman
16 Jun 2021

How healthy is Yassine Charrout?

by Eduard Schaepman, on 16 Jun 2021

Yassine Charrout was born and raised in Amsterdam and he is the oldest of 5 children. His parents were born in the northern part of Morocco and lived in Tetouan before coming to the Netherlands. Most of his family still lives in Morocco and he visits them regularly, especially during the summer months. Every time, it feels like coming home, which I can totally relate to, because when I visited the Berbers in Morocco, I also received a very warm welcome.

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After secondary school, Yassine was not sure what direction to take and decided to study public administration. He enjoyed it and the study suited his interests, but he soon decided to become a spiritual counsellor. Religion plays an important role in Yassine's life. His parents are Muslim and he was raised an Islamic, so he learned a lot from home and regularly visited the mosque. At a young age, when he was about seven, he wanted to participate in fasting so badly that his parents had to 'convince' him not to do so because of his young age. Around his 14th birthday, he started to explore his religion even more, with the question 'what exactly do I believe in' in the back of his mind.


Yassine is mentally healthy, as he puts it himself. He feels best during Ramadan, because he feels even more focused and sharp. According to the Prophet's way of life, he also tries to fast a few days a month outside Ramadan, to keep that focus and to seek the pleasure of the Creator. My interview with Yassine takes place just before Ramadan and he is enthusiastic about the prospect of fasting for a month and being even more involved in his religion than usual.


Before corona, Yassine was playing football, kickboxing and running. But he too has been affected by the well-known 'corona kilos' and has gained 15 kilos. At the time of the shooting, he had already lost 5 kilos thanks to a strict regime. He eats breakfast and dinner, skips the rest of the meals, drinks enough water and started exercising again. Because of the morning prayers, Yassine is often awake early, but because of this, he does not need much sleep either. On some days in June or July, the morning prayer is at half past three in the morning, so then Yassine gets up at 3 o'clock. But Yassine only needs 4 hours of sleep, so this is not a problem for him.


Thanks to his religion, Yassine does not experience any stress. As he puts it beautifully himself, it says in the Koran that the hearts come to rest with the remembrance of God, and that is how he experiences it - in good times and bad. So he reads the Arabic Koran daily, to stay mentally healthy. He gives his general health a 7.5 because of those extra corona kilos, otherwise he would give it a 9. His happiness gets a big 10, and he starts to smile when he talks about his family and especially his little daughter Noor. Can you blame him!

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