I don't need to go to the ICU: my bed is free!

Eduard Schaepman
10 Dec 2020

I don't need to go to the ICU: my bed is free!

by Eduard Schaepman, on 10 Dec 2020

Last week I was invited by Paul van Liempt for the New World podcast, in which he talks with his guests about major changes that are coming up. He asked me the question 'what do you think of the current cabinet policy?', and even though I could have given an extensive answer to this, I recently decided to stop complaining. I won't continue to comment on the incompetence of the Cabinet (well only in this blog then), to encourage them to think about other solutions. Those who dare to stick their heads above the ground level are regularly blamed for the fact that it is 'easy to criticize from the sidelines'.



And that's for sure, a few words are easy to put on paper. However, it would be to the government's credit if they - like entrepreneurs - had listened to this. Just as we do. When the government indicated in the spring that face masks would not become mandatory, many of us had already ordered them. The government is only now coming up with commercial tests; we have had them for a long time. We entrepreneurs are used to listening and responding to the all the players, from entrepreneur to consumer and government. Does the consumer feel safer if we offer face masks? Then that is what we offer. Do we reduce the risk of contamination if we have everyone tested before we travel to Frankfurt, and also when we return to the Netherlands? Then that is what we will do. And of course, we also listen to our government: we keep the 1.5M distance, stick to the maximum of the group sizes and we wear the face masks where it’s mandatory in public places.

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The government is clearly less able to do that. Apparently, the OMT indicates that outdoor sports are healthy, and that it’s possible to sport with more than four people outside. But that was too complicated, so we keep it to four people. And that's a pity, because we need to exercise right now. Exercise does not only contribute to a better immune system, which decreases the change of an ICU intake in the event of a corona infection, but also contributes to the mental health. Eventually, we will not have the problem that we have too few ICU beds, but that we do not have enough space in the cemetery because people will suffer from depression – with all extreme outcomes possible. At least there will not be enough psychologists to help everyone with their mental problems.

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I'm going to focus on not burdening the system any further. So, I don't need any treatment on the ICU in case of a corona infection, so you can my bed is free. And yes, I mean that - I even carry a note saying that - although I do not think that I would need an ICU treatment anyway because I am very concerned about my health. As you know, I have been working on a healthy lifestyle for a long time, and I intend to share everything I have learned and experienced in that area with the world in a podcast next year. More about that soon, but I promise it will be incredibly fun and educational! Just looking for a nice name. The Healthy Entrepreneur, the Healthy Nomad, or does someone from my network have a nice suggestion?

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