I'm going to charge my creativity battery until August 26th!

Eduard Schaepman
8 Aug 2019

I'm going to charge my creativity battery until August 26th!

by Eduard Schaepman, on 8 Aug 2019

Even if you have 23 locations where you can write, meet and brainstorm to your heart's content, you still have to go out every now and then. ‘The mind needs to travel to be creative' is a slogan that I firmly believe in and that you will find in every Tribes location. Because it's not only a sentence that sounds good, but it's also very true.

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Even a very insignificant 'trip' can stimulate your creativity, and I'm sure you've experienced it one or more times. You've been toiling for hours with your team, and you can't find the right solution. You think it's no longer possible and actually want to give up, until your colleague shouts 'I've got it!', while he's just returned from the toilet. Or when you're in the shower at home, or when you see a silly advertisement that you're not really listening to. The moment you don't think about the idea, no matter how small the interruption is, stimulates your creativity. Imagine what a nice holiday can do for you!


If you keep on doing the same thing, in the same environment, you'll be working on autopilot. We have to; if we have to think about all the actions we do, we'll be completely devastated by noon. That's why we love our routines: getting up, meditating, doing sports, getting dressed, having breakfast, taking children to school and off to work. But too many routines are also dangerous: the daily grind is lurking if you can't find enough challenge in your work. A large part of that risk can already be covered by working with our renewed Tribes Community Card: for €149,- per month you can now go to all Tribes locations in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. So, if you've seen it after a few days at one location, you'll be traveling to the next one the next day. Do you want to try what it's like to work at the several Tribes locations first? With a Business Card you can work 10 days at a location of your choice for €99,-.

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But even if you visit a different Tribes location every day, you still have to shake up your daily routines at least once a year in order to be open to all the impressions around you. So, after all the Tribes people have been away, it's my turn. I'll be offline until August 26 to recharge my creativity battery. I’ll turn my out-of-office on, put my laptop away, and set off my phone, and I'm going to enjoy myself.



PS: for those who think 'Ed, what are you doing, you give burglars a license'! The house is inhabited during the holidays :)