Immortalized in Quote

Eduard Schaepman
20 Aug 2020

Immortalized in Quote

by Eduard Schaepman, on 20 Aug 2020

A few weeks ago, something happened that I never expected. Valentijn Koningsberger called me and asked me if I wanted to participate in a sotry for Quote! Quite an honour, especially since I do not meet the requirements to be mentioned in the Top500. And since I think Quote really is a beautiful magazine, with the most beautiful photography of the Netherlands, of course I said 'yes' wholeheartedly. I'm a bit vain, and it's also really cool to receive such an awesome picture of yourself.

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Anyway, Valentijn would join me for a day, with a photographer. I offered him a lot of options: from kickboxing to meditation and an hour of cycling in the early morning, to a number of meetings at the office. In the end it turned out to be the latter, because as Valentijn himself honestly pointed out; my morning ritual starting at 6 o'clock was far too early (and sporty) for him. After my usual round from ‘Jaap’, Valentijn joined me, of course in my 'old' living room, café Moeke Spijkstra. And of course, I posed there as well, with my bike and one behind the pump. But the photographer thought there should be a photo in action, so I got to make another round. Valentijn and the photographer seemed to get tired of watching me cycling already, so we quickly went to Tribes Headquarters.


Of course he tried to catch me on things I didn't want to talk about: my private life and my age. We almost succeeded (this vain man doesn't like that number at the top of the article). The conversation with Valentijn was fun, cosy even. He had also done his research thoroughly: was able to tell me exactly how the (real estate) world thinks about me, and about the creation and expansion of Tribes. Then on to the Zuidas; to attend a meeting with our architect Donald Dinkelaar (Ericis). Not the average meeting with photos and videos of my last trip to the tribes; a real peak behind the scenes of Tribes. After that I noticed how intensive a day like this is, after a couple of hours of listening, summarizing and asking questions he had a little dip (or was it an after-dinner dip, after our good lunch?). After the meeting we had a chat with Jasper Bekkering, and at the end of the day we said goodbye again. I can't say otherwise, really enjoyed that guy.


A few days later I got the article for approval, and to be honest, I really like it. Quote is a great magazine and to see yourself immortalized in it is just cool. The 'biting' has decreased a bit in recent years (would it be for marketing technical reasons?), but I wouldn't say that the Quote editors have become softer. They're sharp and really bring the news to you, check facts and do their homework. As of today, you can buy the magazine in the shops and ordered online (, the subscribers have already received it. I'd say have fun reading it, and Valentijn: thank you!

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