Inspiring Colleague: Jennifer Andringa

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6 Sep 2019

Inspiring Colleague: Jennifer Andringa

by Tribes Inspiring Workplaces, on 6 Sep 2019

This week we introduce Inspiring Colleague Jennifer Andringa to you! She can be heard from far away with a warm and loud laugh, and she offers a listening ear for everyone at all times. Read her story!

jen newName: Jennifer Andringa

Position: HR manager, but my Tribal name is Mairu

Tribes location: I’m working since this month from our newest headquarters at Tribes Amsterdam Arena.

Something about me: I really love sea turtles! I think they look great, they’re big and a little clumsy. And their facial expression is so cute!

Started at Tribes: June 2017

Found Tribes via: Eduard found me! I have worked for Eduard for 8 years in the past, and after 3 years of doing something else he approached me. He asked me if I wanted to do something pretty awesome, so I decided to join him again.

First visited Tribes location and impression: I first visited Tribes Amsterdam Amstel for my job interview. I immediately liked the atmosphere, the interior design and actually felt a bit like home! I’ve also worked with Jasper, Michel, Sander and Karin in the past, so I saw a lot of familiar faces!

The reason why I decided to join Tribes: well, Eduard approached me just in time! I was about to start a new job when he called me. He had such an incredibly cool challenge waiting for me: setting up a central telephone service and then an HR department. I just couldn’t say no!

Just another day at the office: usually I start my day at home with answering the first emails and messages, and I leave after the traffic jams. When I arrive, I’m taking part of the payroll, hiring people and everything else about our employees.

The best about my job: I really like working with people, and my work is always about people. I’m also the confidential person, so I can offer a piece of support and people tend to tell me more or other stuff. They know how to find me when they have issues, but also with fun stuff (like having babies and marriages).  When I was in high school and my friends had issues, they also came to see me; I loved to help and support. Back then, I wanted to become a psychologist, but that’s a pretty heavy profession. So, I decided to become HR manager, and I really love it!!

The best memory of my time at Tribes: the road trip with Kimberly! We visited all Tribes colleagues around Christmas 2018, to bring a little present and to wish them a great new year. 

Most memorable event of Tribes: Grand opening of Tribes Rotterdam Blaak (we all had the Asaro mask on, which was really fun)

Are you a business nomad: yes of course! Life is all about traveling & seeing different places!

I would still like to develop myself in: I want to get my diving license (and yes because I want to see the sea turtles 😊) !  

Favorite gadget: my Kärcher floor cleaner!  

Means of transport: car (all day, every day #lazy)

Social media: Instagram! Love to browse for interior tips. 

I always have these products with me: I always bring my dopper with me, from which I always forget to drink...! Also, I always have my Victoria Secret body spray in my bag, and my strawberry lip balm! 


In my personal time I'm busy with: working at home (it’s never finished), irritating my dog Chico (he is so tired of me 😊) and Netflix & chill!

Most beautiful Tribes location: Rotterdam Blaak (not because of the city 😉)

My favorite hero-tribe: the Maori, just love how they look, and they have a black key ring (and I love the black Tribes logo items)   

When was the last time you laughed? With marketing colleague Eline in the bathroom, when I told her about my experience with the fire drill. There was a lockdown of the entire building and I was locked in the parking garage (which I did not like).