Inspiring colleague: Martijn Tempelman

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6 Dec 2019

Inspiring colleague: Martijn Tempelman

by Tribes Inspiring Workplaces, on 6 Dec 2019

It's time to introduce you to one of the 'voices' of Tribes: Inside broker Martijn Tempelman! Also known as Simba, and you'll call/chat/email with Martijn (or his colleague Thijs) when you have a question regarding our services. Right after he finished his studies, he joined our team! Read his inspiring story!

martijn tempelman square-1Name: Martijn Tempelman

Position: Simba / Inside broker.

Tribes location: Tribes Utrecht Central Station.

Something about me: During the weekends, I perform as a DJ on various corporate events with lounge/house music. The last three years I provided the beats at PROVADA (the real estate fair which take place every June in the RAI Amsterdam). Since I started working at Tribes, you may have seen me DJ’ing at the one-year anniversary of Tribes Amsterdam Raamplein and the 3rd anniversary of Tribes Utrecht Central Station!

Besides music, I’m very enthusiastic about exploring new countries, meeting new people and enjoy the local cuisines. In February I am traveling to California, which I really look forward to!

Started at Tribes: My first day at Tribes was the 1st of October.

Found Tribes via: During my studies, I organized a company visit at the Tribes location on the South Axis with my student association, where I had the role of Vice Chairman. I knew Tribes already, from Chief Eduard and because I followed the company on social media. I remember the big billboard on the building of the Amstel location in Amsterdam with our CEO and the sentence ‘’Tribes is coming to town’’, which took my attention. I found this marketing approach really unique and cool.

First visited Tribes location and impression: In the beginning of my studies, for the module international business, I interviewed Eduard on how Tribes was operating within the international field. This interview took place at Tribes Amsterdam Amstel. I immediately liked the unique design and atmosphere within this Tribes location.

The reason why I decided to join Tribes: After graduating my bachelor in Marketing, I wanted to gain experience within the sales field. The inside sales broker function of Tribes was therefore perfect. Tribes already appealed to me, because of the unique and inspiring brand. I also liked the young and dynamic culture within Tribes.

Just another day at the office: A normal day at the office is calling a lot with members and potential customers. Together with Thijs (my colleague from inside sales), we help everyone to find their inspiring flexible office solution.

The best about my job: The social part. Being in contact with so many people and helping them in their search for an office. It’s nice to tell them more about the inspiring and various locations of Tribes.

Most memorable event of Tribes: I haven’t had many yet, but so far the international Tribes meeting in Utrecht. This was a great day with interesting insights of the market and future of co-working. Also, it was really nice to meet other colleagues from the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany.

Are you a business nomad: I am, I enjoy traveling to different countries.

I would still like to develop myself in: I would like to develop myself further within the sales field.  

Last visited event: The one-year anniversary of Tribes Amsterdam Raamplein. Great party! 

Favorite gadget: My DJ-table (Pioneer XDJ-RX).

Means of transport: Train and car.

Social media: LinkedIn, Instagram and Facebook.

I always have these products with me: my iPhone of course.






In my personal time I'm busy with:

Socializing with friends in Amsterdam; cooking a pasta together with a bottle of wine, having drinks in the Pijp or going to a concert. I also enjoy listening to music (from classic rock to house music) and ‘binge-watching’ the sitcom Friends on a Sunday...


Most beautiful Tribes location: By far Tribes Amsterdam Raamplein. I love the architecture of this building.