Inspiring colleague: Sander Sierhuis

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30 Aug 2019

Inspiring colleague: Sander Sierhuis

by Tribes Inspiring Workplaces, on 30 Aug 2019

This week's inspiring colleague is Sander Sierhuis, Komorû at Tribes. He recently got married (what a beautiful pair, don't you think?), and he's also known as DJ Long Division. Sander is pretty happy with his new office location: the view on his favorite soccer team is great!

Sierhuis1Name: Sander Sierhuis

Position: I’m one of Tribes’ Financial Controllers, my tribal name is Komorû, that’s a Mursi priest or shaman. At Finance we’re all shamans, we heal the world!

Tribes location: Since yesterday I have a fixed workplace at Tribes Amsterdam Arena! We moved from Amsterdam Amstel to work together with team Marketing at Arena. I like it, because now I have an amazing view on my favorite soccer team: Ajax. Did you know my nephew played for Ajax? He’s currently playing for FC Groningen, but if he was still here I could have seen him on the training court from my desk!

Something about me: I just got married to Manon! We know each other for 9 years now and last year I popped the big question. Last month we said yes to each other on a beautiful summer day in Castricum.

What’s your nickname: I’m called DJ Long Division by my colleagues. The DJ part is because I always have the radio on in our office. I love music and also know a lot about it. I even prepare pub -and music quizzes for friends and family! The long division part is from my answer to the question what my work is about: ‘I’m Chef Long Division’!

Started at Tribes: 1st of March 2017

Found Tribes via: Michel Stoelman

First visited Tribes location: I had my job interview at Tribes Amsterdam Amstel and really loved the place from the first moment I saw it. It’s so homely! My first day at work was on the day we opened Tribes Amsterdam Adam Smith and I remember how cool and funny it was to have all those Husky’s coming over!

The reason why I decided to join Tribes: I’ve worked with both Jasper Bekkering and Michel Stoelman in the past before and I know my way around in the real estate world. So it felt very familiar. The fact that Tribes is still growing also really appealed to me: it’s still possible to change and improve processes. And all people at Tribes are very young which I like!  

Just another day at the office: my days are never the same! I do have monthly returning tasks and therefore work a lot with tight deadlines, but since the numbers always change I never know what the day will bring.

The best about my job: I really enjoy the reporting part of my job, to see how a center has performed the last month or year. I find it very interesting to see what works and what we should improve!

The best memory of my time at Tribes: the karaoke nights at Tribes Amsterdam Amstel! Those were really fun; we’ve had them on Thursday evenings and we danced around with members and colleagues. It was great, also because I really like to sing! Some even say I have an inner Elvis (although my wife Manon thinks otherwise…) .

Most memorable event of Tribes: well the New Years’ Event 2019 of course! Dress up parties are always fun; we’ve dressed up with HQ as monks, priests and nuns this year.

Are you a business nomad: not really business wise, but this year I’m going to Curacao and the Philippines for my honeymoon! 

Last visited event: Mysteryland! I’ve been there for 10 years in a row and I love the vibe on that festival. It’s fairytale like, people are happy and friendly and I like the music.

Favorite gadget: not really a gadget, but an app! I live in Assendelft which is near the airport so I can spot a lot of planes flying over. With Flightradar24 you can see which planes are passing by, where they began their journey and what is their final destination.

Means of transport: car

Social media: Untappd; that’s an app where you can rate beers and share it with your friends.

Most beautiful Tribes location: I can only pick from the Dutch locations because I’ve never visited any in Belgium or Germany, but I’ve heard that Frankfurt Garden Tower is also very pretty. In the Netherlands I would pick Rotterdam Blaak and Amsterdam Raamplein: both monumental buildings which really give you a ‘wow-feeling’.

My favorite hero-tribe: the Bajau! They are adventurous divers!

Something I learned at Tribes: I had no idea that there were so many indigenous tribes in the world. It’s fun to learn about their habits and rituals.