Inspiring colleague: Soukayna Bougader

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28 Jun 2019

Inspiring colleague: Soukayna Bougader

by Tribes Inspiring Workplaces, on 28 Jun 2019

Soukayna 2Name: Soukayna Bougader

Function: Senior Host

Tribes location: I work at Tribes Utrecht Papendorp & Utrecht Central Station

Started at Tribes in: September 2016

Something about me: well, I actually found my one true love at Tribes Utrecht Papendorp! We got married almost one year ago. He worked in the same building and came to our coffee bar during his breaks, that's how we met each other and eventually we got talking and he asked me on a date!

Found Tribes via: my best friend Mahassin pointed out the job. She had been working at Tribes as a hostess for a while and when a vacancy came up, she said: 'it's fun, you have to come and work here!' Because of her enthusiasm I decided to apply, and I was really looking forward to the interview. We hardly ever worked together at the same location, but it was great to be able to talk to each other. In the meantime, she has moved on to the next challenge, and I have made my next step within Tribes as a Senior Host. 

First visited Tribes location & impression: the first location I visited was Tribes Utrecht Papendorp, for my job interview. I won't forget I was in the Cuyoto (a meeting room), and I found everything super inspiring. As soon as I went through the door, I was overwhelmed by the atmosphere, the large space and the interior design: it made a big impression.

The reason why I joined Tribes: in addition to my enthusiasm for the concept, I found it particularly attractive that I could develop myself. In the beginning (when Tribes Utrecht Papendorp didn't exist very long ago) I was able to help develop the hostess function, and I thought that was really cool to do.

Most beautiful Tribes location: Amsterdam Raamplein. Super cool interior, and a super theme of course: the Kingdom of Women! 

Just another day at the office: every day is different, and often (fun) hectic! I often have an early start at the reception, and then I usually start taking care of the coffee of our guests and answering the first emails, requests and phone calls. Then I walk the early rounds, to see if everything is in order at the location and I have a chat with the first guests. The rest of the day alternates with administration, preparing meetings, and taking care of our guests.

The best about my job (and why): absolutely the social part! I really like to build up a bond with the members in 'my' location. You soon notice that some members are in need of a chat, and I really like being there for someone.

Are you a business nomad (if so, where to?): Not very much for my job, but since I got married, I really am one! My husband loves to travel, and so I've seen a lot of the world since then. Our honeymoon went to Mexico, and we've seen quite a few countries in a short time. In a few weeks we'll be going to Bali, and I'm so looking forward to getting to know that culture!

I would still like to develop myself in: I want to get the most out of life, so I actually want to keep developing myself in all areas!

Last visited event (business/private): event of ex-director of my husband

Favorite gadget: iPhone

Means of transport: bus and train

Social media: LinkedIn

Favorite app: My Pathé. I live right across the Pathé movie theatre, so we go to the movies a lot. Then it's super easy with such an app!

I always have these products with me: hand cream, bodyspray & iPhone

In my personal time I'm busy with: my dear cousins! They are the sons of my older sister, now 1 and 3 years old. Actually, I’m busy visiting all my family and friends, because that's so important!

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