Inspiring Colleague: Thijs Houtzager

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26 Jul 2019

Inspiring Colleague: Thijs Houtzager

by Tribes Inspiring Workplaces, on 26 Jul 2019

There's no better way to introduce a new colleague than through this blog, isn't it? So, meet Thijs Houtzager, our newest Simba! When you want to book a tour, schedule a meeting or want to know more about our workplaces, there's great chance that you'll be talking/chatting/emailing with Thijs! 

Name: Thijs Houtzagerthijs-sq

Function: Simba! It’s the Inside Broker function at Tribes (but we’re inspiring, so we don’t have standard job titles). I’m the first point of contact for almost everyone who reaches out to us (by phone, email, social media or website).

Tribes Location: Utrecht Central Station

Started at Tribes: this is my very first week! My first day was Monday 22 July 2019.

Something about me: I was born in Leiden and live in Rotterdam with my girlfriend. I have an open personality and am always open for a nice chat. In my free time I meet up with friends, or I take a ride on my racing bike. But to be honest, only when the weather is nice enough ;)


Found Tribes via: In fact, I have known Tribes a little longer. During my studies I completed my internship at online broker WeHaveAnySpace. They help people to find their perfect workplace, and off course they also had contact with Tribes for those workplaces! So, during those months I’ve had regular contact with the Simba’s’ back then. In addition, a good friend worked as Sales Chief in Rotterdam, and he told me a lot about the company. I’ve also met other members of the Tribes team at branch-oriented networking events, which I’ve regularly visited. Altogether, I was already very enthusiastic about Tribes Inspiring Workplaces. I saw on LinkedIn the Simba vacancy right after my graduation and didn’t hesitated for a second to apply. Luckily the enthusiasm was both sides, and here I am today, being the new Simba!  

First visited Tribes location: The first location of Tribes that I visited was location Rotterdam Central Station. This was just after the official opening of this location, in December 2017. One of the Chiefs gave me a tour through the location, and she showed all the characteristics of Tribes. What was striking was the so-called Tribes Table, which is unique for each location. The layout of the ground floor was also striking, with lots of diversity in the open workspace, making it not immediately feel like a standard office building. I was amazed by the offices and meeting rooms, and especially the easy way of connecting your laptop wirelessly to the screen. Later I also visited two other Tribes locations in Rotterdam: Coolsingel and Blaak, and I went to Tribes The Hague Central and Tribes Amsterdam Amstel. This was all still in the period that I was a student! I can’t wait to visit the other locations being part of the Tribes family!

The reason why I joined Tribes: During my studies I came into contact with the commercial real estate industry early on. It appealed to me, and so I decided to have my internship at an online broker office. The contact I had with Tribes increased my enthusiasm for the company, but the reason I chose Tribes, is that it is unique compared to competitors. I particularly like the story behind Tribes and the interior design and the atmosphere of the various locations. And of course, the nice colleagues!

The most beautiful Tribes location: The best location I have been to is Blaakhouse in Rotterdam. Not only the design and appearance of the building is beautiful but also the history of the building itself. In the past, the building served as a bank. You can see that atmosphere everywhere, even the old vaults have remained intact.

Tribes Rotterdam Blaak - Building 1-2000px

Just another day at the office: for now, the beginning of my Simba time at Tribes, I start with a nice cup of coffee at the front desk (they make a great espresso). As soon as I’m sitting down in my office, what we call the Savannah (shared with Tribes marketing department), the contact with potential customers and existing members starts. I help them to find their perfect office solution, forward meeting rooms requests to our centers or answer any other questions. I do this by telephone, by e-mail and with the online chat box.

The best about my job: The best aspect of my work is without a doubt the contact with the various brokers, members, and potential members. The reason for this is that I really like to support people in their customer needs and to come to with the best solution to fit their needs. So don't hesitate to give me a call

Are you a business nomad: For my work I can mainly be found at the head office. It is therefore not necessary for me to work elsewhere. Whenever necessary, I work in the train outside office hours or on the road.

I would still like to develop myself in: I want to further develop myself in sales and expand my network, especially in the commercial real estate industry. In the long run I would like to start my own business with this knowledge and experience.

Last visited event (business/private): The last event I have visited is the Rotterdam Real Estate Event (Rotterdamse Vastgoedborrel).

Favourite gadget: Without a doubt my iPhone.

Means of transport: The train and of course my good old bike

Social media: LinkedIn, Instagram and Facebook. I do also have a Twitter account but actually don’t use it very much.

Favourite app: Whatsapp. I use this app so often that I almost forgot that it is even an app.

I always have these products with me:
I usually have little on me. But often I have a pair of sunglasses with me, and I never go out the door without a watch on my wrist.

In my personal time I’m busy with: I like to meet up with friends. In addition, I love good food very much, and I love to cook. And I also try to make art from time to time, for which I still need some practice.

Thijs - art