Inspiring colleague: Vanina Hinovska

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23 Aug 2019

Inspiring colleague: Vanina Hinovska

by Tribes Inspiring Workplaces, on 23 Aug 2019

When you're talking about a nomad... Our newest colleague Vanina Hinovska, Sales Chief in Germany, comes from everywhere: Bulgaria, France, Belgium, Bangkok and has now arrived in Germany. Read her inspiring story! 

vanina sqName: Vanina Hinovska

Function: Sales Chief Germany

Tribes location: Frankfurt Garden Tower

Started at Tribes: 22nd July 2019

Found Tribes via: Fiona, our Tribal Chief Hero!

First visited Tribes location: I first visited Tribes, when I went to pitch on Fiona for the Sales opening. We met at Tribes Frankfurt Garden Tower and I was absolutely impressed by the view and the building quality!

The reason why I decided to join Tribes: I decided to join Tribes for multiple reasons – first, because I am confident this is the most thought through flex office in Germany and because I really like the company spirit and culture.

Just another day at the office: As a Sales warrior my days are never the same… But usually I wake up before sunrise, try to answer the most urgent emails and requests, then I do 10km morning run with my dog in order to start the day right!

The best about my job: I really enjoy the diversity of daily tasks I have. I meet many new different people everyday and this is something I really love!

The best memory of my time at Tribes: Untill now... When I got the call from Jasper offering me the position!

Are you a business nomad: I am a total nomad… was born in Bulgaria, left as kid to France, moved to Belgium for University, got a job offer with UN in Bangkok, came back to France and ended up in Germany...! That’s the reason why I hate the question – “Where are you from?”.. I don’t know, I am from everywhere because I took the best from all these countries.

Vanina2I would still like to develop myself in: In every area possible. I am a student for life!

Last visited event: Private: Just came back from IronMan in Copenhagen! Business: Afterwork networking event with brokers

Favorite gadget: My cell phone and my Garmin Watch

Means of transport: I am a sworn walker!

Social media: Instagram and LinkedIn

In my personal time I'm busy with: Running with my dog, Amber!

Most beautiful Tribes location: Garden Tower

Something I learned at Tribes: I learned a lot about different nomad tribes around the world. I also learned that SalesForce always looks different with every company haha!