Inspiring colleague: Ward van den Boom

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17 May 2019

Inspiring colleague: Ward van den Boom

by Tribes Inspiring Workplaces, on 17 May 2019

This week, you can read the story of Ward van den Boom, Maza (marketing intern) at Tribes! The chances are that you’re contacted by him if you’re the proud owner of a Bluecard, since he’s researching the benefits and possibilities around the Bluecard for his thesis. He’s an old acquaintance of Tribes and has an inspiring story to tell. Read along!

The Communication Company

‘My third-year internship for my study Commercial Economics in Breda, was at The Communication Company (TCC), the advertising agency that Tribes has been working with from the start. My tasks at TCC consisted of managing various projects, including a project for Tribes. During this project, the ‘Mussel magazine’, I worked closely with the marketing department of Tribes, and specifically with Eline, Carrier within the company. That contact was always positive, sociable, cheerful and above all: efficient. During this period, I also had the opportunity to visit a number of locations for various meetings. It gave me a good impression of the Tribes locations, and the great services the company offers.

Mussel magazine

The project that was I running at TCC, the Mussel magazine, is a magazine that is sent out as an invitation to the Musselgala. The annual gala is an initiative from Chief & Founder of Tribes, Eduard Schaepman and held in the brown café Moeke Spijkstra in Blaricum. I was very enthusiastic when Eline invited me for this event, which of course I couldn’t (and didn’t want to) refuse! Being a true ‘Breda man’, a world opened up for me, once I got there. To meet Eduard Schaepman for the first time, to have a beer at the bar next to prince Bernhard and to listen to singer Maan, who was performing in the pub: it was amazing. I was sure of one thing after the gala: I would never forget about Tribes.

 TCC Mosselgala -1000px

Graduation internship

Today, over a year later, I’m a graduate intern… At Tribes! A company that only exists since 2015, already has 23 locations and that consists of a young and driven team, and where the passionate Chief Eduard Schaepman and Co-Chief Jasper Bekkering lead the company. All three are reasons that convinced me to write my thesis for Tribes. Now, almost half-way, I have been able to get a good impression of the company and hopefully leave a positive impression with my colleagues. At the office (I’m working on the Savanne, Tribes Utrecht Central Station), I work together with team inside sales (Jerrel, Danny and Stephan). Even though I don’t have much to do with their work (since I’m only working on my research and thesis) I still learn a lot from them, and we can have a good laugh every now and then as well!  In addition to these strong three, I work together with team marketing, consisting of Eline, Muhammed and my fellow intern Aran.



My tasks within the organization are mainly my own: I have to write a thesis, a research for the company, also my graduation assignment. I’m focusing the Tribes Bluecard, and the benefits and possibilities there are for this product. I’m now working on my field research, so I’m reaching out to potential, previous and current Bluecard owners for interviews in order to hear about their experiences and opinions. Besides my own assignment, I try to work on creative assignments for Tribes, because I hear about so much fun projects on which I want to contribute. I get curious about almost everything, which can a little risk because I have to finish my school assignment. Apart from working on my thesis, and working within the company, I’m also contributing to the great vibe in the Tribes office. Something that’s always the case!  


Favorite Tribes location

In the meantime, I have been able to visit a large number of the Tribes locations. All of them are of course different from each other but still the same; you can enter the Tribes Utrecht Central Station or the ITO tower on the South Axis in Amsterdam, you will always receive a warm welcome. My favorite location so far? Then I’ll have to choose for Tribes Amsterdam Raamplein, with a beautiful building that’s open and light, inspiring by the beautiful decor and located in the heart of Amsterdam. But, as mentioned before, I haven't seen all the locations yet and I like to be surprised when I’m visiting all those left: something that’s on top of my to-do list!

PS: Are you owner of a Bluecard and do you want to help Ward with his thesis and get a small reward in the process? Contact Ward and he will gladly interview you!