Inspiring colleagues: Danny & Jerrel

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3 May 2019

Inspiring colleagues: Danny & Jerrel

by Tribes Inspiring Workplaces, on 3 May 2019

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Inspiring Colleagues: Danny and Jerrel (a.k.a. Simba)

At Tribes we have special job titles, because the standard 'operational manager or community manager' simply doesn't suit a flexible workplace provider who does everything so differently. So, there are Tribal Chiefs, Shamans and Hopis walking around at our locations, but Simba is the most striking one. Almost all Tribes members have had contact with Simba: the first contact for (potential) members. All e-mails, phone calls and chat sessions are handled via one central point and are answered by Simba; Danny Do and Jerrel Ceder. These gentlemen are the most heard and at the same time the least seen Tribes colleagues, so it's about time to introduce them!


Therefore, we take you to the home base of Simba, located in the most central location of the Netherlands: Tribes Utrecht Central Station. On the first floor is a special office: the 'Savannah' (where else would Simba be...?) where Jerrel and Danny are busy talking on the phone and chatting and mailing on their computers. At the end of the day they have time for us, and we sit down with them in the cozy restaurant to ask them who are they, what do they do and how do they like the Tribes adventure so far!

What is Simba?

Jerrel: 'Simba is actually the first contact moment for a potential member of Tribes. You fill in a form on the website, and we will follow it up. When you call the general number one of us is answering it.  When you’re using the chat on the website, then you’re talking to Danny or me.’

Danny: 'Indeed! And we handle all requests for information, book tours in the calendars of our colleagues who show potential members around, but we also forward meeting requests to the right location. We ask the caller what they are looking for, and immediately match their wishes to a location. For example, if you are looking for a location in Utrecht directly next to the high way, then you probably prefer location Papendorp'.  

Where does the name Simba come from?

Danny: 'From our email address of course! Simba is easy to pronounce in a lot of languages, and of course we are going to set up a worldwide network with Tribes. Then it's so handy to have a recognizable and easy name for your central contact center.

Jerrel: 'But it's not only a recognizable and easy to pronounce name, it also has a deeper meaning. Look, entrepreneurs want to grow, they want to be successful. This can only be achieved on a home base where you feel good, and where you don't have to worry about other things than your business. That's exactly what we offer at Tribes. And when you arrive at Simba, you have made the very first step towards growth. 

Danny: 'Yes, it's a little bit of a think-through.' 

How did you end up at Tribes?

Danny: 'I was hired in October 2017 to fulfil the role of Simba. Before, this position did not yet exist at Tribes, so I was gradually allowed to contribute to this role within our company. That also really appealed to me in the vacancy; the possibility to create something myself. I also had an office function before I started at Tribes, but I was ready for something new. I love being a 'phone hero’ and found this to be the ultimate opportunity to develop myself further in this area. 

Jerrel: 'I started in January 2018, when a former colleague drew my attention to Tribes. I thought it seemed like a super cool company, and at the time the management was looking for someone to assist Danny. I was actually looking for a field sales position, but I contacted Danny via LinkedIn and coincidentally there was an opening of a Tribes location in that month.'

Danny: 'Right, we saw each other at the opening of Tribes Rotterdam Blaak. Also, one of the most beautiful Tribes locations, I think! The building exudes so much history... But yes, we spoke at the opening. You must have thought 'what a bunch of crazy people, with those Asaro masks and bamboo sticks...' 

Jerrel: ‘That thought crossed my mind, yes... But I thought: what a bunch of crazy people, but in a good way. I felt a very positive vibe, and it made me enthusiastic. That same evening, I decided that I wanted to apply for the inside sales function. Also, because I love to be able to learn, and this was a completely new form of sales for me, so I liked it!


What is the Savannah?

Danny: 'It's not that complicated; it's our office! We're not alone on the Savannah, but with the marketing department and the Chief Broker. It's very handy to be in the same room with each other, so it's easy to work together.’ 

Jerrel: 'And it's just great fun! We also have a Savannah party on a regular basis, and we've been through a lot with each other: openings, company outings and we've moved with the Savannah three times already. And even then, while moving, we have fun with each other.

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What typifies Danny?

Jerrel: 'He can go from a formal conversation to an informal story in no-time. The other day I heard him booking a tour for someone on the South-Axis, and the next moment he talked to that person about watches. That's pretty good, to be able to make that switch over the phone. We always try to do that, because we want to be distinctive during that first moment of contact with Tribes.

Danny: 'And my socks! That's a moment of happiness every morning, a bit of colour in your outfit.’

Danny Sokken

What typifies Jerrel?

Danny: 'He always stays cool, no matter what. We also call him our Patron on the Savannah, because he radiates a very calm vibe, which he can also convey over the phone. This has a super positive effect on the caller. And last but not least, he is Talent of the Year! During the Tribes New Year Conference 2019, he was named Talent of the Year, that says it all! 

Jerrel: 'Yes, that is indeed a compliment of which I am proud. The certificate isn’t above my bed, but is right in the center of my living room, because everyone can know!'

Jerrel TotY

What is your best memory of Tribes so far?

Danny: 'That's a tough one! So much choice... Maybe that time we went bowling, the first company outing I've experienced. At least, after those gin-tonics I didn't experience much anymore...’

Jerrel: ‘Besides bowling, the time I came to the office as Simba! All Tribes colleagues knew my voice, but there were so many who had no idea what I looked like. So, I rented a Simba suit, put it on at Utrecht Central Station and walked to the office, while shooting a movie with my mobile phone. It was so well received by the rest of the team that I had a really good feeling about it. You can just be yourself here!’ 

Simba suit

Call Simba via 0800 2255874 or send them an email!