Inspiring Journey: Tanzania with Juul Klumpes!

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14 Feb 2020

Inspiring Journey: Tanzania with Juul Klumpes!

by Tribes Inspiring Workplaces, on 14 Feb 2020

Broker Juul Klumpes of NL Real Estate was named Best Tribebuilder 2019 (he brought the most tribe members to the Tribes community last year), and part of the prize was a trip with Chief Eduard to visit a new, indigenous and nomadic tribe! Last Tuesday they left for Tanzania, together with our colleague Muhammed Aydogan who filmed everything. Eduard and Muhammed have already told us everything, but of course we would love to hear more from Juul! So, we had a brief phone call with him: a short Q&A with Best Tribebuilder of 2019, Juul Klumpes!

First of all; what did you think of the prize you won with Best Tribebuilder 2019?

The prize couldn’t be more relevant! You’re Tribes and are inspired by indigenous tribes, and we visited an indigenous tribe! So, it’s the perfect match with what you stand for!

Which locations have you all visited?

First, we flew to Tanzania, where we landed in Kilimanjaro. There, we spent one night in a hotel, before we visited two special tribes. That was a long journey; about 5-6 hours in the car before we arrived at the first tribe. We were really part of this tribe’s lifestyle and saw a lot of amazing things. After this tribe we went on to the Masai, but because we got a bit lost (distracted by beautiful nature and wildlife) and it took us 10 hours. We ended the journey in Dar es-Salaam, the biggest city of Tanzania, and we had a nice evening with a glass of wine.

Had you made a similar trip before?

No, I've never made a trip like this before! I've been on a safari, also very cool, but never to such a real tribe in the 'middle of nowhere'.

What's the most special thing you've seen?

With the first tribe it was the way of talking, which is very special, because they make clicking sounds. But actually, I found the whole way of life impressive, how primitive they sleep there for example, and the fact that when it rains, they simply lie under a rock to stay dry.

At the second tribe we witnessed the ritual slaughter of a goat, where they collected all the blood and drank it, as if it was some kind of milkshake. I was also impressed by the singing, dancing and the joy they radiated. Those people were only positive, everyone laughs and is curious. We had binoculars with us, and when they looked through them in the distance, they could totally immerse themselves in it: they were so surprised.

Both tribes have everything in the immediate area, and they are not materialistic at all. They live by the day, and the only concern is to get enough food from the hunt. But because their area is so rich in nature and wildlife, it's often just there. We also noticed that they’re live very connected and bound together. I thought that was really nice to see.


We saw on social media that you also played a game of rugby with the members of the tribe! How did that go?

That was one of the highlights! The tribe members had never heard of rugby and had no idea how to play it, so I tried to take them into it in a short time. They especially thought it was strange that the ball wasn't round... The moment you throw the ball they dive on it, and they get really fanatic! It’s so special to see the joy they experience in in playing the game.

Juul NL Real Estate

Juul Klumpes Rugby

Juul Rugby 2


What would you like to say to the participants of the Tribebuilder competition 2020?

I would definitely try to bring in as many new Tribes members as possible, and to go for that prize – a journey to a tribe! It's a lot of fun, so be sure to enter the contest. I can say from experience that the prize is really something beautiful! 

Will you be entering the competition again?

We always do business where we can, so yes, it's simple, but it's more opportunity driven. If an opportunity comes along, it will come along and I know where to find Tribes; after all, it's about the interests of my clients and I want them to get the best workplace that fits their needs. If that's a workplace at Tribes, that's a good thing for the competition!

Juul Klumpes