Inspiring Member: Clemens Marckhoff

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2 Aug 2019

Inspiring Member: Clemens Marckhoff

by Tribes Inspiring Workplaces, on 2 Aug 2019

Yes! Time to meet another inspiring member, this time Clemens Marckhoff, founder of First Coin.  

Name: Clemens Marckhoff

Company: First Coin

Function: Managing Director & Founder

Tribes location: Tribes Frankfurt Garden Tower

Founding year of my company: The company was founded in 2014 and has luckily been growing ever since.

About me: I am married, and I have a little son. In my free time I love to forget the noise in the world by going snowboarding or reading a good book. My family is a great source of inspiration for me. Things I absolutely hate are cheese and my own birthday ;-) 

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About First Coin: First Coin is a software company focused on digital asset trading. Our software trades digital assets fully autonomous from market data analysis to backoffice processes. Also, we provide consulting services for the traditional banking sector in terms of trading systems for both regular securities and digital assets.

The favorite part of my job: The part I love the most about my job Is that I have the chance to get to know so many interesting people. I really enjoy sharing Ideas with people who are passionate about their work or their current projects.

A normal day in my life: Usually I start with a coffee and checking the crypto markets. During the day I spend much time discussing various strategic and operational Issues with our software developers. For lunch I usually meet business partners or clients. And as we are a small company, I am also in charge of stuff like checking regular mail or prepare the accounting.

Means of transportation: I live In Bad Vilbel near Frankfurt. From there, the train takes 20-30 minutes to downtown Frankfurt. From the train station it is a 2-minute walk to the Tribes location Dukha. I am managing director and founder of First Coin GmbH.

Why Tribes: Before we came to Tribes, we had rented a small office in an industrial area in the outskirts of Frankfurt. In order to meet business partners, I had to spend a lot of time in the car, so we needed an office in downtown Frankfurt in order to facilitate meeting clients and other important contacts. As the number of employees grew larger, we also needed a location which was easy to reach for everyone. 

My first impression of Tribes: First of all, I liked the location of Tribes Dukha. It’s situated in the heart of Frankfurt’s financial district on the 7th and 8th floor, and the offices have a stunning view over Frankfurt’s skyline. The interior matches great with the tribal Dukha theme.

The best about Tribes: For me a key advantage is that I can concentrate on my business. I do not have to worry about buying a printer, scanner, fridge, desks and so on. I don’t need to think about who is buying the coffee or refilling printer paper. All this saves me time so I can serve my clients better. 

My nomadic lifestyle: I cannot be a business nomad right now. As a father I am strongly tied to my family's home turf which feels just right for me. But I strongly respect people who are brave enough to choose the ultimate freedom of a nomadic lifestyle.

Last but not least: My company is THE story of my professional life. Thank you, Tribes, for being such a good host!