Inspiring Member: Dustin Dehez

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24 May 2019

Inspiring Member: Dustin Dehez

by Tribes Inspiring Workplaces, on 24 May 2019

Yes! Time to meet another inspiring member from Frankfurt Garden Tower, this time we get to know Dustin Dehez, Managing Partner at Manatee Global Advisors.

Name: Dustin Dehez Manatee-Global-Advisors_Logo_RGB-v5_blue_separate

Company: Manatee Global Advisors

Function: Managing Partner

Tribes location: Tribes Frankfurt Garden Tower

secori_logo_smallFounding year: I've started the company back in 2014 together with Sebastian Troch, the other Managing Partner. Ever since, we have been busy building client relationships. This year we merged our information security and data privacy activities in a single brand: secoriadvisors, while our parent company, Manatee Global Advisors, focuses on the political risk, communications and emerging markets.

About me: I am from the North and so is Sebastian, the other managing partner. We both spent years abroad and returned to Frankfurt to do what we had discussed over Whiskey Sours at quite a number of bars: Going into business together. You are always invited to drop by, for that whiskey sour that is. And yes, we keep a stash in the office at all times, we are risk consultants after all.

About secoriadvisors: What we do is focused on one thing: information. We help our clients protecting their information by introducing information security management based on international norms (ISO 27001), help them comply with the European Union's data privacy laws (the GDPR) and help them to bring their information security management system in line with international risk and information security management standards. We offer to assist our clients even in the smaller tasks that come hand in hand with introducing such management standards.

What makes secoriadvisors unique:  the fact that we also have a political background: Sebastian has quite the experience in communications and I have long worked in foreign and security policy. With these backgrounds, we know how to communicate the changes with such a management overhaul inhouse and we understand, better than many of our competitors, what the regulatory environment actually requires.

We still maintain that line of work, for two reasons; firstly, these are our passions and interests, and secondly, understanding the political environment helps anticipating changes in the regulatory environment. We are more than your average business consulting firm - data protection, information security management, international politics and communications: always glad to be of service. 

The favorite part of my job: Well, let me start with what I really don’t like. I am not much into sales. That being said, once a new client is on board, I do like getting to know that client. Their line of work, the way they structure their business, the unique circumstances of each client’s history, their office culture. I find all that incredibly intriguing. There is always a moment, when you begin to sketch the project and see pieces falling into place. Once you understand where they are coming from, it becomes a lot easier to design projects that really address their issues.


A normal day in my life: I somewhat doubt that there is something like a normal day at work in our line of business. There is a good deal of days that we spent at our clients’ headquarters, days that start in a hotel somewhere between London, Kiel or Munich before we set off for the client. One day that might be a bank, where we show up in the ubiquitous blue suit, or It might be a shipyard, where the shoes need to be a bit more robust. But on any given day, It all boils down to this: getting a picture of what the client needs. And then there is a good deal of writing involved. Information security, data protection, ISO-27001 compliance, all of this requires an enormous amount of attention to detail.

Means of transportation: I take my bike to work, which takes me about fifteen minutes. Despite its reputation, Frankfurt is a relatively small town still, so I guess I kind of live close to our office. 

Why Tribes: Well, Tribes heard about me. We were looking for an office and got in touch with a local agent. Little did I know who Tribes was or what it did differently than other office providers. We did find out though!

My first impression of Tribes: We looked at various office providers, and we had a lot of offers from hip co-working spaces. But though they were mostly hip, our business requires some privacy. When we are open, that is because we choose that openness. But most of what we do goes to a client’s core structures and potential vulnerabilities. So all glass-offices were out of the question and we wanted a bit of a corporate feel to our offices. Tribes offered a decent combination co-working culture on the one hand and the reclusiveness a business in our area of expertise inevitably requires. 

The best about Tribes: I could of course bang on about corporate cultures and what not. But in the end, what I need in the morning to get the day started is a copy of the FT and a decent double espresso. The coffee machine gets that job done.

My nomadic lifestyle: I travel all the time, mostly in Europe, the Middle East and Africa. We have clients along the North Sea coast, which is where I am from. So whenever I am up North, I feel a bit like home. The way the people greet each other, their pragmatism, all that I find appealing. I travel to cities in Western Africa, where the humidity and heat can be excruciating, or Eastern Europe, cities I frequently fall In love with. Send me to Tbilisi for any sort of project and I will happily volunteer. My only wish is that people would stop dressing like slobs when they travel. 

Last but not least: You should definitely know that if you want to address information security management, data privacy, risk management or any sort of political consultancy, well, look no farther. With us, you rest assured!